Where to find html codes for a landing page (ebook).

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I would like to create a landing page (very short one), however, my html skills are not where i would like it to be. Whats the best option for me? If any1 can direct me to a source where i can get great (YET SIMPLE) html codes for an ebook landing page. btw - i'll be selling the ebook. Thanks
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    Your trying to create website with a landing page for your product(which is an ebook) am I correct?

    Well you could use a number of easy web content management systems(website builders) like wordpress, drupal, weebly, etc.. and a lot others.
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    If it's for a simple one page website you're looking to assemble to
    sell your eBook - you could try kompozer.net if you haven't already...
    ...and simply use the (wysiwyg) editor where your won't need any html
    skills or at least very little.

    Search YouTube and you will find plenty of tutorials on how to use
    Kompozer to create a simple landing page.
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    themeforest.net has some very good templates. they are quite complicated though if you have no experiene in html.
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    You mean you need a sales page?

    I'd say forget the html part - get a very good sales copy first... Anybody in the "Warriors for Hire" section can put it into html for you for a few dollars.

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      Always a favorite.

      DynamicDrive.com (top secret)
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