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Hello fellow warriors
Happy new year to all of you I hope that this year is a profitable one for you all :-)
I have taken the plunge and installed a popular social exchange system (website)
You will notice that this is being used by many webmasters including a few warriors here.
I plan to develop this with some of the features others are using and some very unique features that i know will very much help those in the market for promoting not only social media but websites too.
at current i have managed to gain many members from using social media and other such sources rather than organic search engine traffic (as that's a long ball game!) In fact i gathered 50 members within 3 hours of a successful install of the system on my servers and made 2 sales (though i have temporarily taken the option to buy credits down now)
My question would be this, during the development stages i would like to be able to gain more members LOTS more members, I wondered does anyone have any ideas>> should I approach other warriors with a deal to put out a JV or have the warrior advertise this free service and free membership with a unique code for a ton of free coins for their list members or something like that
would any warriors be even interested in that at all ???
and to finish....any other ideas you may have to gain me more members to my free social exchange site
any good places for paid advertisements etc ??? I would like to retain much of the budget for development
Thank you in advance for your kind help
Ian B (positive warrior)
the site is here as is in my signature
thank you
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