? Rewriting VS. Not messing 3-2-1 GO ?

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Just wondering how important rewriting my PLR articles is, when building a new Page to drive traffic to with my super human SEO skills.

I already no that their is no penalty for having "The Phrase that is not to be typed" you already no what it is.

If you can give me some insight on your honest experiences with rewriting vs. not messing with your PLR article i will be thankful.

PS. To anyone that is trying to sell a article re writer I already have one so no need to recommend one.
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    Rewriting is always better because than you have the unique one. If you don't change any thing, the first site Google bot encounters that content, Google will assign the site to be source of the content. Your site will not be penalized, but your content may not be even be indexed.
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      Originally Posted by onera View Post

      but your content may not be even be indexed.
      Hi Onera is this your experience or just knowledge?

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