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Hi newbie,

Here's how you make money online in a nutshell...

1) Set up a very good landing page with an opt-in form on it. Some people call it a landing page, some people call it a squeeze page. The idea is to offer something valuable to your potential subscribers and make it free if they will give you their name and email address.

2) Once the people opt-in, you send them more great infromation via your autresponder. make it GOOD stuff - stuff they will have a hard time finding anywhere else. Make it free. Make it so good that they can't wait to get your next email.

3) after you have sent them 3 or 4 emails of really good stuff, then send them a sales pitch for a product. It can be your product, it can be an affiliate product - either way it doesn't matter.

4) if they don't buy, dont' worry. Send them 3 or 4 more valuable content filled emails that they will cherish. Remember - make them look forward to your next email - always.

5) Go back to step 3 and repeat.

If you are a NEWBIE to Internet Marketing, this is a guaranteed formula for success. You will make sales and you will make money.

The biggest question is how do you get people to go to your Squeeze page? You can use SEO, you can use PPC, you can use Articles, you can use Squidoo, you can use Hubpages, etc, etc.

Get traffic to your optin page, get signups, get sales.

That is all there is to it.

edited for: I forgot to say... even if you can't write, you suc at artcile marketing, you can't make a squeeze page, everyting you do sucks - just start doing the above and you will make money. Nike: Just do It
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    Great post! I have been thinking seriously about adding some opt in lists and this just gave me the push I needed.... I just need to figure out how to add them and set them up on a wordpress site.

    I am getting pretty good traffic with articles, but I know building a list is the way to go.....Thanks Winebuddy!:rolleyes:
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    You will not taste the sweetness of IM until you cultivate a list.
    "Knowledge is NOT power... ACTION on Knowledge is power"
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    Excellent post... but are these your actual results?
    I mean why are you suggesting to send only 3-4 valuable emails with real value...

    Why not more or less?
    Do you have a "rule" or something that you've learned from experience about how many times you should contact your list with valuable info before they start be responsive to your offer?
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    I am actually trying to use this formula now! Thanks for the affirmation.
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    so true winebuddy! You forgot to mention one takes time, dedication and focus. People who think this is get rich quick will be sorely disappointed. I am happy to say I am doing what you recommend but it is still a long slow process to achieve conversions. For some it would be easy to give up....:rolleyes: Not me...the potential rewards are just too good.
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  • Are there any free autorespomders? I dont really have the money to invest in Aweber right now.
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