Who remembers... The Death Of Banner Ads, etc..?.

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The past few years have seen the return of banner advertising.

I remember when they were the dregs of the web advertising world and text ad links had to take over. Last year especially saw a serious return of banner ads and whatsmore, I click on a lot and even look out for the ones that lead me to juicy deals, great sites etc.

Funny how some of the stuff we thought was taboo is now back in fashion and not only that, this stuff does work.

I also remember a ton of other web marketing faux pas e.g. scrolling text, motion gifs, flash (to a large extent), even video... (back when bandwidth was ancient lol)

Anyone remember any others that were destined for death but are now back, or will come back? Will be interesting to watch...

By the way, what's your take on ezines? They seem dead in many ways, any major hope for these? Miss them actually, most ezines are now just adzines sadly... not like in the old days, informative and fun to wait to read...
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