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I know there is a JV section here but that seems to be for those already promoting so I hope it's ok to ask here.

I'm currently working on an ebook and in it I would like to promote some products that could be useful to my future subscribers. If one does not currently have a list just starting out does a JV only work if you pay a person to promote you? Is it ok to ever ask a person and say that you'd like to promote them & if they'd be willing to promote you as well?

Just looking for some guidance on JV etiquette to make sure I don't step on toes or offend anyone.

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    Hi Teresa...

    One important thing when approaching JV partners is to show them what's in it for them. Everyone is terribly busy so you have to get their attention.

    You might first want to write to potential JV partners and tell them you have been a subscriber to their newsletter for X number of months/years. Then tell them about your project. But before you do anything to contact JV partners, it would be a good idea to do a PPC campaign for your book so that you have some numbers to show them re: traffic and how well your sales page converts (visitors to buyers).

    Hope that helps.

    Denise Lorraine

    Denise Lorraine - Web Writer. http://www.goodwriterservice.com

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      Originally Posted by DeniseLorraine View Post

      But before you do anything to contact JV partners, it would be a good idea to do a PPC campaign for your book so that you have some numbers to show them re: traffic and how well your sales page converts (visitors to buyers).

      Hope that helps.

      Denise Lorraine
      This is a good point and one I'm hoping to take a step further as I approach JVers. I will be conducting aggressive multivariate and split testing via PPC as a "soft launch" and hopefully by showing what has and has not worked, they will be convinced that this is a worthwhile product that I'm not going to just let sit there and pray it makes money.

      People want to as much of a "sure thing" as you can give them so any data around target demographics, language, etc. that can aid them will aid you as well.
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    Thank you both for your input. Very much appreciated and helpful.

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    Hey Teresa, I wouldn't pay anyone to promote your product. I would suggest promoting their product first. Set up a Squidoo lens, or a Blogger blog, or a Wordpress blog and get a ton of link juice coming in to them. If you do it right you can get to the front page of Google for the name of their product. Generate a few sales for them and then when you contact them mention that.

    Without a list it makes it harder to find JV partners, but it is certainly doable. If you have their ebook then write them a testimonial for it and send it to them. If they use it they will remember you. Also try JVNotifyPro--a lot of gurus announce their product launches there if their product is in the IM niche. If you can get Mike to announce your launch several weeks in advance a lot of big guys will see it.

    Visit the sites of as many gurus in your niche as you can. Subscribe to their newsletters. Most auto-responders, such as aWeber, require mailers to include their contact info at the bottom of every mailing. That can help you get contact info for potential JV partners and you will obviously get their email addresses as they send you their newsletters.

    Another sort of sneaky feat. Go to eZineArticles and search for authors who have posted over 500 articles (some have posted many thousands of articles there). Search for authors who have posted that many articles in your niche. Suppose you find someone who has posted 1,000 articles in your niche. Because most authors who post there will have the links in their author resource boxes pointing to their site--and they have opt-in boxes on their page--these people will likely have rather large mailing lists. These people can be excellent prospects for doing JV mailings for you.

    I have used this technique and got authors with over 5,000 articles to their name do mailings for me. These guys have built very large lists and can generate a lot of traffic for you. Hope that helps.

    I'll help you create a reputation-building evergreen product in any niche and launch it successfully!
    Check it out here.

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        Actually, this doesn't have to be that complicated.

        You're in the process of creating your own content - your own original product via an e-book, right ?

        You're going to create a sales page to cajole folks to buy that e-book, right ?

        And ( drummmm roooooll, please )

        You're going to sync up that sales page to an Affiliate program, right ?

        Assuming, the answer to ALL three above is YES, simply:

        >> Find publishers in your name niche.

        >> Tell them you're going to orchestrate a dated product launch. Give the big publishers select exposure in your product's members area ( if it has one ) or inside your e-book.

        >> Have them sign-up for your affiliate program. Pay them well ( like 60 to 70% ) initially.

        >> Take your profits and rinse, lather, repeat.
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