I need help with my websites..

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Hello warriors, i need your help.

Basicly i have the habbit of making sites and not doing anything with them. I have over 60 domains now and i cant handle all of the domains/sites. I need to focus on a few main things. I already do website flipping and i want to keep doing that but i want to have a website that i can just keep working on and keep earning money from it.

Do you have any advice on what i should do? Or what sort of site i should make?

*Also most of my 60 sites im going to auction off and keep around 7.
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    Any advice..?
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      The best thing for you to do when you feel overwhelmed which it sounds like you do is clear your plate.

      Then set a single goal which you want to reach.

      Pick how you are going to do it and don't allow yourself to deviate from that path no matter what. The bottom line is nothing will work for you until you train your mind to stay focused on the task at hand.

      This is where you should focus your energy; getting your mind to bend to your will.



      "People will remain the same until the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change."

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    Keep a website as your brand/online identity. Get as many money-making sites you can manage in various niches, preferably the ones that you are interested in. Get rid of all the other sites (which you are already planning to do).
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    You'll have to decide what you're going to keep and what you will work on as a main money site, but sounds like you have plenty to do just getting some of those domains developed into something so that you can flip them. I would then not register any more domains until you actually have a plan for it. They don't do much for you just sitting there.
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      I've got 80 of my own, so I'm in the same boat. Here's my advice (and what I'm gonna do)

      I'm just going to firesale the sites to my list. I have a few large sites now that demand all my attention and I Just don't want to be in the micro niche flipping business anymore.

      So even if I break/even or take a little loss I still have some capital tied up in these that can be used for other stuff.

      My $.02

      Oh, and find something your passionate about and build a big site around that. Makes life like a million times easier.

      Nothing to see here

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    Yep. I second what others are saying here. Limit yourself to a couple of main websites and keep on marketing them until they are profitable. Selling the others off to your list or even on Flippa is a great idea. You may want to auction them off in a complete group.
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    Since as you say, you have a habit making sites and not doing anything with them, I would suggest figuring out a site you can do that you would be motivated to keep running and building upon. Find something you're passionate about and figure out the money angle of it. Even if it's a highly competitive area and it's tough to make money from it, if you're passionate enough about it, you'd likely have a better chance than in an a niche that bores you.
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    Stop everything and take a day for rest. You have already decided that this is not the right way to do it. So now you have to find the right way. What do you like? What do you want to achieve? What is your main goal in IM? Write that down.

    Write as many ideas as you can think of and after a deep breath, number then according to the priority you give them. After that you see what your main goal is and now just make a to-do list to make it happen. Start with the end in mind and work backwards (at least on the to-do list).

    This way you'll stay focused because you know what you should do. After you accomplish one goal, do this process again and find another goal.

    If you like fillping websites, then build one that is really worth selling and sell it for profit. And only after then move on another one.

    Hope it helps
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    Originally Posted by arranrice View Post

    Hello warriors, i need your help.

    i want to have a website that i can just keep working on and keep earning money from it.

    *Also most of my 60 sites im going to auction off and keep around 7.
    Dump all the sites but 3 or 4, Choose one site of the remaining 3 or 4
    you like best and make that your money site. Or choose 1 that you think you can make the most money with and focus on that one. Put the others on the back burner for "few months not days" than come back to them. By that time you will have focused on one site, and you may want to reduce futher or build those out.

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    Thanks everyone
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    erm - stop making sites, put aside a few days and systematically go through each one. bring them up to scratch.

    dump the ones you feel aren't worth much, and use this extra time to improve the ones that you like the most.
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    Reinvest the money you're making from your flips into buying sites that are already making money and build a portfolio.
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    1) Become a website designer and charge folks for your services


    2) Accept your losses in terms of domain acquistion costs, and focus on selling 1 website. Make sure you find a good traffic getting/internet marketing course.
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