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Its summer 2010 and I have just graduated college for business. I need to go find a full time job and get my career started. Then one day I'm surfing the web and find a link for a book called the 4 hour work week by some guy named Timothy Ferriss (maybe you've heard of it). I have never been one for to much work so naturally I got excited and ordered the book right away. Three days later it comes in the mail and I tear right into that sucker reading it a mile a minute. Then came the automating money section..WHAT! YOU CAN MAKE MONEY ON THE INTERNET?? I had never even heard of this concept before but now there was no turning back. I quickly found out about internet marketing and started buying products. First one I bought was rich jerk and that got me even more obsessed. Before I knew it I was spending tons of money on products trying to figure this whole thing out..was on so many lists it was tough to keep up with the emails and I kept searching for the magic bullet.

And guess I was more lost than ever. There is nothing for progress crippling than information overload. So I stopped and asked myself how are these people I'm buying from actually running their businesses? Thats when things changed. I just got down to the fundamentals.

So to anyone starting out this is what I recommend you do..

Pick your market.. think health, wealth and relationships and sub niches of those. You need a fairly big niche with healthy competition. Check out the categories on clickbank.

Now you need to set up a squeeze page offering something of value for free to start getting subscribers onto a mailing list. If you don't know how to do this technically then go to youtube and learn! And if you still can't do it yourself..outsource it! (free lancer, elance, warriors for hire) just get it done! Once people join your list you send them related offers for affiliate promotions. And you don't start offering right away! As soon as they opt in you have a thank you page with offers! Then send more offers in follow up emails.

So when you have this set up you need to concentrate on driving traffic to that squeeze page!! Here is a simple way to do just that and don't be turned off by the simplicity of this:

Start doing forum marketing in forums related to your niche. Send out a solo ad to someones list in your niche. Once you're up to around 500 subscribers start doing some ad swaps to grow your list faster.

So do that first!! Then focus on other things to add to your business but you have to do what I just told you first!

So overall the 5 main things to concentrate on for your business: traffic, listbuilding, affiliate marketing, product creation, conversion.

Thats my spiel. Thought I would try and clear up some confusion for anyone new.

Any other marketers have something to say about getting started?
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    That's a good plan. I started like you around 15 months ago. Didn't made any money for 1st 3 months. I made few review sites. Made few thousands dollars. The only mistake I did was I never made a list. I was making good money till my top 3 reviews sites got google plenty after the panda update.

    However, I have started building my list into 2012 and hope to do good!
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    Sound advice Will
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