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Hi Warriors,

I am building an authority site in the health niche. Till this point I am writing all the content myself.

It is taking me much time to do the research and to write the content. The writing services that I tried only yield poor results (either with the content itself or in the research done).

How can I solve the problem of having a good writing and a good research?
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    I agree, the only option is to get a skill full, authority writer... good luck
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    Did you check Warriors For Hire ?
    There are really talented writers at that section.

    Plus, you can use PLR. I'd recommend you search forums for this topic.

    There's also another option, and as I understand it's highly popular among writers nowadays. Go to Health and Fitness Article Category , search for your keywords, read and rewrite. Be aware of copyright rules btw.
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      Hire premed students from a local university for writing articles. You may need to pay them hourly, but generally you get quality research and production.
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    You might want to check out this thread:

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    Originally Posted by Marianne Gonne View Post

    Hire authorities to write content for you!

    It'll cost you a fair bit more than $5.00/500-words. But you can't make chicken soup out of chicken sh*t. And (these days) you certainly can't hope to build an authority site without authoritative content.
    I don't mind paying more than 5 bucks if the article is well researched and written. Do you recommend any source?

    Have a look at how you can optimize the use of your muscle supplements ==>

    Muscle Supplement Blog

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    Find an outsource writer and teach him/her what the article should look like and what you want to include it in. If you publish content regularly it can be a good choice. And where? It doesn't matter. You will have to try many of them to find the best fit for your need.

    You can always use Warriors For Hire. But if you need an article every day plus some for backlinking I wold find a person that would fit the best for me and he/she would write full time for me.

    Or you can hire one time writer here The Content Authority. I had a great success with the expert writers in there.
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    You should hire some writers for this purpose. I know how hard it is to maintain a website and write content for it. The best thing is to outsource the work, it should cost you around $5-6 for a 500 word article. I have company with a crew of writers with great quality and timely submission.

    I cannot post the link as I don;t have enough post here in this forum. You can check my profile and follow the link.

    If interested PM me.
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    I think outsourcing is the way to go if your building an authority site. One of my sites is in men's fitness and I still write all the content myself - but only 2 blogs a week and because I have a genuine interest in it.

    All other authority sites I try to outsource the writing to people better qualified than me. The quality of what they produce is what will make your readers re-turn and that's the main thing
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