Movielocker/Mindbites Questions?

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Anyone have any experience with either or Good/bad/ugly?

Have a project coming up that will have approx. 25 hours of video broken into 1-2 hour segments. Client wants to have the ability to sell for either download and/or online viewing on a pay-per-view basis.

Looking for pros or cons or other alternatives.

Thanks in advance....
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    Hey Keith -
    Full disclosure, I work for MindBites, but when this came through in a Google Alert for me, I figured I'd answer wrt to MB. MindBites is great for offering video content for sale online either as downloadable and streaming or as streaming-only (and we think of ourselves as super easy to work with). We don't offer pay-per-view options technically. We do offer time-based access (e.g. 30 days, 3 days, 7 days, etc) in lieu of charging per view count partly to mitigate concerns with interrupted/dropped internet connections, flash plugin crashes/etc that can all easily (and legitimately) be blamed for a customer missing out on one or more of his/her purchased "views". Email our info@ email address (directly or through the contact us form on the main MindBites site) if you want some help or have questions - they can get you set up with an upgraded account to experiment with and are also usually happy to crank out a custom store mockup for you/your client (presuming your client wants to sell access to his video content on a store that's bolted onto his/her own website rather than only selling access through the MB marketplace).
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