I'm a newby and proud of it.

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Just got a private message from somebody. And I looked at the private message stepped back and reread my post. You know what, she is exactly correct. I am leaving this post up to remind me that even someone who thinks there not arrogant is a turd sometimes. Read her email between the dotted lines then you will see the post.

I don't know your name but up to now you have impressed me with the way you contribute on the forum.

But, and I am sorry if I sound harsh but you have just done exactly the same thing as that Iriss guy did, on your new thread. Telling everyone how fantastic you are, instead of waiting for them to tell you

If you don't agree with me, that's ok. You can just ignore me
And no I did not ignore her.

I am a newby and proud of it. Here is what I want to bring to this forum.

I want to be able to help people.
I want people to help me.
I want to give as much as I can so I can justify learning here.
I will never pull a punch.
I will always shoot straight.
I will give you no push button marketing. There isnt one, get that through your heads.

What I will not do.
I will not act like I'm better than you. I learn more from people just starting out then I could learn since I have been on in 1994.
I will not ask for a single dime till I prove I want to help people and contribute to this forum.
I will not let others abuse you.
I will ask for forgiveness when I post something stupid.
I will not ask for praise when I post something I think is great.

Sorry a rant for a previous thread I just read. I was going to post it there but it was closed by the time I wrote it.

Thank you for letting me be a member here and absorb the knowledge that every single one of you bring to these pages.
#newby #proud
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    Most of the warriors are new here. Good to read what you will do in this and other forums too.

    Good luck


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    Thank you very much.
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  • Nice post.... Its a great thinking you have. If every new comer thinks like this then it will be a great place..

    We have to be ready always for learning new stuffs from anyone or any where.
    Always ready to ask for sorry if done something wrong.
    Do the things in a way such that everyone gets benefit from it.

    Feel free to contact with me @ seoglobalexpert004@gmail.com

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    Yeah, I just get mad at arrogant people and it propelled this post. I'm not here to get rich quick. I will pay my dues. I do not mind.

    Now what I do mind, Is one of my resolutions was to stick to one project and use forums this year. I think the using forums took over lol. I think I will make it a no no to get on the forum tomorrow and get some work accomplished. This can be addicting.
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    I'm of a similar opinion! I like the upfront straight shooting approach. I detest anyone who's promoting get rich quick schemes or something that they claim will make them money without much (or any) work!!

    I'm new to IM myself and I think this is an important attitude to carry into this business, good luck my friend!
    Make people DESIRE giving you exactly what you want, without ever asking for it!This Mind Blowing report "Top 7 Persuasive Secrets Most People Will Never Know!!" teaches everyone How to Persuade People and Become a Human Lie-Detector
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    Aww,, c'mon,,, I like to believe that somewhere,, somehow,, someone,, hiding under a rock and not telling anybody,, someone has that coveted push button software pressing a button and makin' it rain....


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    lmao...(The Warrior Sydicate.com is temperarily down due to some hacking *******. I was a victim of hack-a-dackorie *******ism. Please remember to spay or neuter your local hacking *******)
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      Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm............................. ..............

      All is well as long as you maintain that fine line... Well... You know what...

      But honestly, it is better to have this attitude (including the pride) rather than not having anything. Personally, I would want to feel modest about it but all individuals are different so ...
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    After I stepped back and read the post I felt stupid. I did the exact same thing the one I was mad at did, just in a different way. Those are my thoughts and will be my thoughts, but I should not have posted that.
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      Nice! Looks like you're on the right track.. Just hope that you continue with your enthusiasm. Best Luck!
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    Great post. All of us are or have been newbies and that doesn't mean we cant contribute. We all have different experiences we can share. thanks for being an active member and good luck
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