Authority Site or Niche?

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Currently doing a review for a Clickbank launch and I'm ranking well for my keywords but I'm usually below say an IM authority site that reviews boatloads of products in comparison to mine which is product specific. However, like I said I'm doing ok and with time I could get my rankings but I don't have it. Anyways what I wanna know, is it better to have an Authority review site and direct your efforts to SEOing that or go product specific about 1 month/ 2 months prior to a launch and work on that? What's your experince? Thanks
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    Not sure if I got the question here but I'll try to answer

    I would go product specific as people who will buy will actually search for the product.

    On the other hand you can always try both ways and see what works better for you, and then keep the best method.

    Just my 2 cents
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    Both authority site and niche site are great, but you just have to make sure that valuable content is always present there. Without that, you won't expect to gain lots of targeted visitors or hungry buyers to your site.
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    I like Authority sites with laser targeted product specific pages.

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      Originally Posted by LilBlackDress View Post

      I like Authority sites with laser targeted product specific pages.
      i agree completely!!! instead of 500 searches for 1 product.. if you have 10 products you have 5000 searches! and you can do SEO for individual pages.. PR/serp does not go by domain.. it goes by pages
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    Hey Daniel,

    I like to do both as well.

    Have you checked out this WSO? It is flipping amazing!

    I bought it the other day, and it has a super special twist that in cooperates BOTH into 1 site. 1400+ SOLD! [RAVE REVIEWS!] The EXACT $15,434/Month BluePrint + FREE LIVE Coaching! --

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    I would say, if it's your passion I would go for the authority site, but otherwise micro niche sites. If you like reviewing products that would keep you updating the latest news, because that would be what you like.

    But if it's in a niche that you just see an opportunity in there, I would build micro niche website and check it once a month to make sure it's up to date.

    I think it all depends if you have more to say about that topic. If you do, build an authority website. It would take longer, but the end result would be much better.
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    Thanks guys! I'll decide to go with an authority site I'll be constantly reviewing so I hope the influx of new updated content will help in conversions and rankings.
    And Trish, thanks for the WSO I'll check out the sales page when I get a mo
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