2 hours a day ... is it enough??

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Dear Warriors

I have been an active member of this forum for quite a while and I have to ask this question.

My Situation:
I started Internet Marketing about one year ago and I have built a number of Adsense websites. I have also written 15 articles and used them with the Bum Marketing method.

My Balances:
I am still trying to earn my first Google check from Adsense and I have only made one sale from the Bum Marketing which was on Clickbank, an amount of $4.76

My Goal:
I am still young and still in school which means that I have limited time to spend on my IM business, but I am really determined to succeed.

My goal is to build a residual income from online activities such as Adsense and Affiliate marketing. I hope to achieve an income of at least $2000 per a month.

The only problem is that I can only really fit in 2 hours a day into Internet Marketing during week days. On weekends I am basically devoted to my computer and IM.

So the question is, is this possible? :confused:
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    Of course it is possible!

    Just schedule your days out ie one day to write your articles, one day to submit etc just be sure that every day you do one thing to make you money in the future.

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      I've learned a long time ago that in this business it's not necessarily how hard you work, but how smart you work. Taking that into consideration, it is more than possible to make it in this business with only 2 hours a day to work at it.

      First thing you should do is write down what you want to accomplish, and stick to that list. Keep a daily to-do list on hand, and check off what you do so you can look back to see how much you really have accomplished.

      Second, make sure there are no distractions, because this is the number one time killer. Turn off your cell, don't check your email, don't check your stats, and just focus on the task at hand. Once you are done, you'll have plenty of time to check your emails, return phone calls, etc.

      Third (and most importantly), do the tasks that you know will return more traffic and sales FIRST. For example, if writing articles is how you receive the most traffic and sales, then start writing articles first on your to-do list everyday. Always tackle your most money-making tasks first, this way you will be getting the most out of your time.

      Hope this helps.
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    Thank you Leanne King.

    I appreciate it.
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    Of course it is possible, like others have said.

    But first, you need to have a business model... and a plan to implement. Don't really worry about creating the plan yourself... Just pick up one of the proven plans... You can easily find some on this forum!

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    Thank you.

    Can someone please advise me on my next step, what should I try and start doing to reach my goal?
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    I suggest you focus on 1 thing (in these 2 hours)...
    then have a look at "results" ...
    If you see that you've achieved something near to what you are targeting, then that's would be great.
    Otherwise, you either need to increase the efficiency of your spent time,
    or increase the amount you spend on marketing.
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      With only 2 hours a day you are going to have to be very disciplined. You have to have a scheduled plan of attack and stick with it.

      You mentioned that you are trying to do adsense as well as affiliate marketing. I am hoping that you are not trying to accomplish both with the same sites.

      If you are trying to promote a Clickbank product, it is somewhat counter productive to try to promote adsense as well. You want the main focus of your landing page to be on getting a sale for the Clickbank product. You do not want to have adsense on the same page giving them a reason to leave your page without clicking on your affiliate link.

      Affiliate marketing and adsense are two seperate business plans. You should focus on one at a time.

      I suggest using your weekends to do all of your research and site development as these tend to take a little longer to accomplish. You want to make sure that when you sit down to do your work for the day, you have a plan of attack and don't get side tracked.

      When I started out, I was working two jobs and trying to make this work. A year later I now do this exclusively and earn on average 8-10k a month. It took a lot of sacrafice and time to accomplish this goal.

      If you are serious about making this work you can do it. Find a game plan and stick to it.

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    Excellent advice Lanadilli. It is vital to setup a task list for yourself and make sure it's something achievable each day otherwise you could end up frustrated and feeling down if you try to aim for your overall goal
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    Thank you dmarzean.

    Unfortunatly I am trying Adsense and Clickbank and Amazon all on the same site. Please take a look at the site in my sig and tell me what you think?
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      I agree with Dmarzean that Adsense and Affiliate links generally don't go too well together. Although if you really want to keep both, I'd move the adsense down to the bottom of the page so your visitors have a chance to click on your links first.

      I took a look at your site in your sig, and it's got plenty of good content. What I would change is the links within your articles. You don't seem to have any affiliate links inside the articles themselves. You are missing out on alot of money by not doing this. For example, on your page "Types of Swimming Pool Filters" you could easily add anchor text pointing with an affiliate link going to different filter types.

      Also, don't limit yourself to just Amazon, Clickbank and adsense. There are plenty of merchant sites that deals with swimming. For example, There is a merchant site called "In the Swim" that has many different pool parts that you can promote within your articles. You may want to check them out.
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        I took a quick look at your site and this is my opinion:

        1. Your adsense ads are not very focused on your theme. This could be due to a lack of advertisers for your keywords or mixed signals to Google. My guess would be the later.

        You are hitting on everything about pools on your site. Keep it focused on your niche. You should only have articles and such that are geared toward pool maintenance.

        2. If you are going to push amazon products as well on your site, ad them to the sidebar. I am going to be honest with you. You are going to have to sell a lot of pool supplies on amazon to see any kind of profit. You only get a 4% cut...

        3. You are trying to push a $20 ebook. Not sure what the commission is on that book, but is it worth it? If you have experience in the area of pool maintenance, write your own book and keep the whole $20.

        If you decide to stick with this niche, and stick with this ebook, you need to get your site a little more fucused. Ditch anything that does not have to do with pool maintenance.

        Rewrite your page in such a way that you have had this problem in the past and this book was the only solution that you could find to help you.

        Find some before and after pictures that are of the same pool. The pictures you have are of a dirty pool and a clean pool. Not the same pool though... They don't scream, "hey, look at what your pool can look like after reading this book."

        You need to place links to the book in your copy with anchor text such as "here is what helped me".

        If you are not maiking money from the adsense ads, get rid of them.

        Just my opinion....

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    Yes, it is possible. I would recommend getting a product that gives you more money per sale from clickbank. Also, you need many more articles! Give it time and see how well you are doing after 100 or 200 articles...

    Good luck!

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    WOW, thank you.

    That analyzes is very useful. The commission on that Clickbank product is only $ 5.50 which is not a lot. I will start trying to incorporate your suggestions.

    Thanks again
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    So far two hours a day will not cut it unless you have a strict plan. pretty much you need to max out your efforts when your on!
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      I would have to agree with the idea to create your own ebook. There are some low cost ways to get an ebook cover graphic done, then you could prmote it like crazy and keep all of the profit yourself.

      You could also get in contact with website owner tht are related to your niche and as to put a banner on their site and offer them like 50% commission from each sale from their site.

      just a couple thoughts...
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    Hmmm...studying??? You should still be able to manage your time. But try to get away from IM during exam days...lol

    Design your IT Network here. Whether it's hosting business, internet marketer with its own server, I'll be able to help you.

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    Ha ha, thanks for that very useful advice scorpions84.

    My mind is always on IM and I think it is starting to affect my results. I am trying to be disciplined :rolleyes:
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  • I think there is no set time limit you have to have to be successful at internet marketing. If your willing to set aside two hours every day to your goals, that's great. You will be able to see success in the near future by chipping away two hours a day at a time. Keep at it.
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    Well done James, that sounds like a very useful and easy to follow routine. Thanks
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    Hi James,

    Well done and keep at it, one thing I did wrong and still do sometimes is get distracted, and I started to buy more and more ebooks. But like many will tell you there is free information all over the place. But dont get bogged down in information overload. You already know enough.

    habby dhillon
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    well 2000 dollars a month is really possible with 2 hours per day. For that, whatever you plan to do make a little research to know if there is a way to save you a lot of time. Also, focus on 2 things max at the same time. Good luck
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    All depends on how you use that '2 hours a day'?? ...my advice would be to outsource all the mundane time-consuming stuff, leaving you as much time as possible to focus on the money-making stuff.

    How I went from stone broke (literally!) to being worth over $2.6 million in under 28 months with a business I built part-time from home!

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