I need an ebook rewritten...

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Hi fellow warriors, I'm looking for someone to rewrite an ebook. Where is the best place to find quality work at a decent price?

I know about Elance and such but I would prefer a trusted Warrior for the job. Anyone interested?

I'm willing to give a testimonial and/or recommendation if that would help.

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    Hi Gaetane

    We can do that, see signature.


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    Hi, Gaetane,

    Let me do the job for you. PM me for details. Thanks.

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    When do you need this done for?

    How long is the ebook ? words ?

    I have 2 writers that can take this job ...

    Let me know if interested...
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    Hi Gaetane,

    I would love to do this!

    Please see signature for a link to my site.


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    I have someone that is really good at working out good deals. Also she is a new and upcoming writer. I don't know if I am allowed to give you in text her website. But if you want it you can Private message me and I will be happy to refer you to her. You will love her.
    I look forward to working with you soon!
    And remember to visit: www.EloquenceOfWriting.com
    For all of your content & marketing needs!

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    I can do that job for you, Please PM me for details
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      Hi Gaetan,

      I just came across another area of the Warrior forum where people are posting their services. Lots of people offering content creation.

      I don't have enough posts under my belt to be allowed to post the link, so what you do is go to the main page and scroll down to the Warrior Support Forums.

      Then check out Warriors For Hire.

      So if you're still looking...

      Hope this helps,

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    Still need it written? I know a bunch of people that could help!
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    Hey guys! just want to ask, what are the normal rates for eBook re-writing, I'm asking this because I have a report, a friend of mine wrote, but he only sold it once to his list, I want a new report from that one, 20 pages long.

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      For a good rewrite, the subject would still need to the researched by the writer. This way they have at least an understanding of the niche subject. I've rewritten several 20-30 page reports within a few days. For most writer, the cost is reasonable.

      PM me if you would like more info

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    We are a team of experienced writers.

    PM me for details.

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