How to distribute music on the net, and make money

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I was trying to find a WSO that would help me out here, because someone walked up to me handing me their CD, and we got to talking. His music has potential, but I have no idea how to market music as it is. I understand the message, I can create the website, I just don't know where to go for this. Any ideas?
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    There are sites such as tunecore that distributes music digitally as well as physically to sites such as itunes, amazon, etc.

    They also collect funds on your behalf and withdrawal is by paypal, check or direct deposit
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    If you are interested in setting up a Royalty Free Music site, perhaps these resources might help:

    Beat Selling Websites | Beats For Sell -

    SocialChutes | Social Marketing | Social Commerce | Social Analytics - Enables you to sell products on social media sites such as Facebook.) This company used to be, so I'm not sure how their new site works for selling music, but it looks quite interesting.

    And as the above poster pointed out:

    Not sure if these methods are exactly what you are looking for, but it's a start.
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      There are many ways to "market" music, the avenues may vary abit depending on the type of music though.

      I have worked with artists for the past year and a half. Mostly rock.

      Reverbnation is a powerful tool that they should be using, and I have gotten paid to set up and manage their accounts.

      Another is obviously a website. Not some site that looks like it was done by a band member on a weekend crack binge, but a well done professional looking site. Promoters love that stuff because they pass off the url to club owners and that helps the band get booked. The site should include bio's, tracks(at least 30sec soundbites but if they are new then a couple full songs wont hurt) and video if you got it. Good video with good sound.

      Building up a strong FB presence is good and it can be integrated of course with Reverbnation and the website.

      I have had good luck selling songs off of BOTH the website and FB, more so FB. Hard to explain here how, but it can be done easily.

      These are just a few ideas. Really its all about the "presentation". There are so many fly by night bands that half assed do things, its easy to stick out when things are done right.....of course the music has to be good too!

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    Distribute music on the net for your fun hobby. For money? You're better off buying a powerball ticket

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    ReverbNation is a good one stop shop for everything, because they have tools to promote and sell your music, all while networking with other artists and venues/venue promoters if you're looking to perform. Make Youtube videos of all your music with a link to whatever music store you choose to use. This is an effective way to see a few extra sales.

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    It is not easy to sell music because there is so much free music out there. People going on Myspace etc. are not looking to buy music. If you want to sell music you need to funnel them to your sites or sites where people buy. Make sure you really want to do this because it is a commitment.

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