All Adsense sites on same "Shared Hosting" account? Pls. reply

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Hi fellows,

I just want to clarify a big confusion here.

I have more than 10 Adsense websites (6 months old) ranking on page # 1 of Google and most them are top 5 in SERP.

My question is, since I have hosted all the sites on the same "shared hosting" account (hostgator), does it affect my Adsense earnings in any way? The reason I asked this question is because my adsense earnings sky rocketed when these sites start hitting high on SERP (position 1, 2 or 3), BUT gradually as time passed I am getting low revenue, why? any reason.

90% of the traffic is pure organic from Google searches. The only thing I am lagging is the "content". I have practically one or two '"UNIQUE" articles per site! Is this the reason of my adsense earnings dropping? For instance, one of my website receives 120+ unique visitors per day and with CTR theme its not getting a single click, i.e., no earnings !!!

Please help me here, as I am planing to grow adsense websties in the future, but seeing such results, its a kind of discouraging for me.

Your expert reply advice is highly appreciated.
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