I need pointers on squidoo

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I have done my very first lens in squidoo. How does it look on a scale of 1 to 10. Is the content OK?

Here is the link for you to review it with

Learning Intenet Marketing

thanks in adavnce,

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    After a quick glance, you need an image with your intro.

    Make your titles keyword rich...

    "Here's What I Hope You Will Learn Here"

    How about...

    "Internet Marketing - Learn the Basics"

    When you list out what they will learn, use a new module for each instead of all in one. This gives you an H2 tag for you key points.

    So instead of...

    a.) Blogs

    use a new module with title...

    "Making Money With Blogs"

    Also, find some good affiliate programs to promote on Clickbank and explain how they have helped you in growing your online empire.

    You are going to get a better commission from these products than you will from amazon books. 75% on $47 - $97 versus 4% on $20

    Get some good pictures and youtube videos of the product you are promoting.

    My advice would be find a single product to promote instead of trying to sell the farm with a lot of smaller ticket items.

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    thanks for the tips. Didnt know I could change the titles
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    how do i find clickbank products?
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      Originally Posted by rcraig12 View Post

      how do i find clickbank products?
      just go to clickbank marketet place and you then select which product you want to promote
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      Go to clickbank.com and sign up for an account. You then search the market place for products.

      My suggestion to you at this point is to do a lot more research on affiliate marketing. I am not sure where you found the idea to use Squidoo, but you need to learn a lot more.

      Start reading some of the post here and see what you can learn. Check out the Warrior Special Offers and see if you can find a good basic book to get you started.

      I am willing to help, but it sounds as if you are brand new at all of this. I think you need to do some reading and see what you can come up with.

      After you have done that I am willing to help with any questions. Right noe there is just too much that you need to learn.

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    Do you have an example I can see zxlewi?
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        Originally Posted by TMG Enterprises View Post

        Congratulations for at least putting something into action! That's further than some get after months...lol.

        I will bow to the Squidoo masters in this thread but there is one little thing that you should definitely do - proofread.

        Maybe it's just my viewpoint as a writer but I spotted several spelling and grammatical errors with just a very brief scan. If that isn't your forte, then get someone else to proofread it for you. It will go a long way to giving you a bit more credibility and professionalism.

        Tina G
        Thanks Tina.

        Would you mind pointing out the errors for me? I am able to admit I am not a writer by any stretch of the imagination.

        I need to get things moving so I can justify the cash I have already spent. My wife is in disbelief and I need to get her on side. Im sure you understand.


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      Another very cool thing that I have done on my Squidoo pages is to put a picture of an optin box right on the page, then when people attempt to sign up for my free list building offer they will go to put their cursor into my fake optin box and instantly be jetted off to my squeeze page.

      My optins went through the roof after implementing this little strategy.

      You can use snag it to take a photo of your optinbox, then just link your website to your picture.
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    can you give me a link to the lens doing this clonedrone?
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    Robert--hey bud, you got started--congratulations. I'm trying to help, not criticize--okay? Sounds like you're trying to teach about marketing when you should be trying to sell. You need to put active links in your text to some product--like people said, find a Clickbank product to promote. Then, build text around promoting it. Take the name of the product and include it in the title so when people search for the product on Google they find your lens and go there.

    Have a keyword density of from 2.8 to 3.5% in your text. If your lens has 300 words and the product is named Product X, then Product X should appear say .03 x 300 = 9 times.

    Also make a video on the product and have a link go from the vid to your lens--show the Squidoo URL in the vid and post to YouTube and 8-10 other video posting sites. Also write a few articles and post to ezinearticles and have a link in your author resource box point to your lens.

    If you do that Google will pick you up and hopefully you'll show high in rankings. Also, copy both the URL of your lens and the RSS feed (click on the orange button at the right of the browser window to get the RSS feed for your lens) and go to pingoat or pingomatic and ping your lens. This tells people you've put something up and helps with search engines.
    Bookmark your lens at some Web 2.0 sites and that helps search engines find you too.

    Yeah, you won't make money with that Amazon stuff. Find a Clickbank product and you can get a 30-50 dollar commission per sale-that's way more than you get with Amazon stuff.

    Hang in their buddy--it will all come together. My very best!

    I'll help you create a reputation-building evergreen product in any niche and launch it successfully!
    Check it out here.

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    OKay so my first attempt can only be called just that. An attempt!

    I need to see some examples of what others are doing on squidoo. Are any of you up for letting me see an example.
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