Amazon associates tips?

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Do you guys have any tips that might be useful for a new amazon affilate?
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    Originally Posted by flatbro94 View Post

    Do you guys have any tips that might be useful for a new amazon affilate?
    When it comes to Amazon (or promoting physical products in general), it's a good idea to not only promote higher-priced products but to cross promote products as a way of beefing up your commissions. Lots of people get nervous about promoting higher-priced stuff, but there are a couple of things to realize. First, the work for promoting a low-priced item is the same for a higher one. Secondly, it's not about how much the product actually cost but its perceived value. Is a higher-priced item worth the investment if it works and can alter your situation? Most people would say yes, so as long as the product is selling, you're good.

    Next, I'll give you an example of what I mean when I say cross promotion. Let's say you are in the video game niche. Instead of just promoting the video game itself, it's a good idea to promote a game system that the game can be played on as well. People tend to look up game reviews based on the system they have or the one they want to see which puts out higher-quality stuff. If you're in the "learn guitar" niche, it's a good idea to promote some popular guitars in addition to products that teach the person how to play guitar. Got it?

    Good luck,
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    Traffic, and getting people to Those are the biggest things- which is really the same thing. Spend 90 of your time getting more traffic, and don't spend too much time trying to figure out nit-picky conversion stuff. Produce real reviews and that are legitimately helpful, and then focus on traffic.
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    Agreed its all about traffic, I sell at least as many things that I am not promoting as products that I am promoting. Get enough people to their site and Amazon will make the sale.
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    Originally Posted by flatbro94 View Post

    Do you guys have any tips that might be useful for a new amazon affilate?

    use the search function on the forum here because it can provide you with an absolute TON of free valuable information which can put you on the right path to making money with Amazon.

    Step 2

    TAKE CONSISTENT ACTION, because I see this as the main reason for a persons failure with Amazon.

    Amazon is a long term strategy that you build up consistently over time until you are earning a full time, residual income that will come in month after month.
    The majority give up way before that happens.

    Step 3

    Choose an Amazon course to guide you, there are many to choose from, take a look here, Best Amazon Affiliate Courses

    The search function can provide you with everything you need to get started with Amazon, but some people will find it easier with the steps laid out in an Amazon Course.

    Step 4

    LOVE every visitor, to every site you build, and what i mean by that, is put yourself in your visitors shoes.
    They are visiting your site to find information about a product, GIVE THEM WHAT THEY WANT and deliver it in a personal, and very detailed manner.

    One thing successful Amazon Affiliates have in common, is they spend time on their review sites, providing the reader with a very detailed review, while at the same time taking into account all the benefits, the pro's, cons, videos, etc

    (To write a really good review can take you many hours)

    For extra credibility show, them you own, or at least have had access to the product, this takes you to the next level.

    Love Your visitor, give them what they want, and they will give you what you want,

    A SALE

    Kickin it on Amazon

    Gaz Cooper
    Amz Training Academy

    Beginners Guide to getting started in CRYPTO, FREE Ebook on a Massive Opportunity as the World shifts to Digital payment

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  • Make your reviews a decent length. Mine are always at least 750 words. This will provide useful information to readers and they will be more likely to click through to the product.
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    Good idea sir
    I will fellow this
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    All great ideas!
    Especially about reviewing and recommending higher priced items.

    Here's a tip about that:
    Many electronic items have a commission cap so promote "electronic like" items so you can make your full commission. Stuff like kitchen gadgets/machines/appliances for example. Or electronic items that aren't in the electronics category like driving lamps in automotive maybe.

    There are lots of high priced items that people order from Amazon; I focus on stuff in the hundred dollar range. You can get over 10% conversions if you focus on the customer like indicated above.

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    Focus most of your time on Keyword research! Once you find a few golden keywords you are good to go.

    From there produce quality content and your #1 goal is to get them over to Amazon and let amazon do the selling. Do not try to sell on your website. Your goal is to get them to amazon.

    Promoting products over $100 sure helps but you will quickly notice that getting them to amazon regardless of the product price will bring in sales from products you do not advertise at all.

    For example I've sold about 5-6 kindles this past month and I do not promote or have a website around kindles. So getting them to amazon can get you those additional sales people make.
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    If your going to build a site around an Amazon product, make sure you choose a great keyword, and target model # keywords with high traffic, low competition. You make these sites all day long and make residual income.
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      Traffic, keyword rich domain which will help to rank easily and quickly resulting in free traffic. Then its a matter of rinse and repeat there are some useful products also to automate just do a search for Azonsnatcher and Azonspy on the WF, THEY WERE PROMOTED HERE NOT SURE IF THEY STILL OPEN.
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        I wouldn't call Azonsnatcher useful... if you take a look at the thread it seems to be a non-working piece of garbage. Just another overhyped launch.

        Originally Posted by colinaudie View Post

        Traffic, keyword rich domain which will help to rank easily and quickly resulting in free traffic. Then its a matter of rinse and repeat there are some useful products also to automate just do a search for Azonsnatcher and Azonspy on the WF, THEY WERE PROMOTED HERE NOT SURE IF THEY STILL OPEN.
        FREE 300k/month SEO Case Study
        Honest, in-depth 2000+ words Source Phoenix Review

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    Hello all, I also promote Amazon products and noticed that some items have the first search results as "Amazon". Does anyone have a view on strategies to combat this? Also, does anyone have a average conversion rate for Amazon? Like for every 1000 clicks? Sorry about just posting questions, but I found this thread and thought that you all might be able to help me too
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      Originally Posted by hmartin90 View Post

      Hello all, I also promote Amazon products and noticed that some items have the first search results as "Amazon". Does anyone have a view on strategies to combat this? Also, does anyone have a average conversion rate for Amazon? Like for every 1000 clicks? Sorry about just posting questions, but I found this thread and thought that you all might be able to help me too
      Do you mean Google search results?

      Conversion rates vary a lot depending on the time of year and what niche you're in and what your traffic source is, but they tend to be somewhere between 2% to 8%.

      Getting traffic is the hardest part. Backlinking is a horrid task time consuming task.

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    Target higher-priced products via lower-competition "buying" keywords. You will receive less traffic but it will convert much better than more generic terms.
    Want a REAL Online Business That's Fun to Run?
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    I agree with Nate on traffic.

    It's actually quite easy to get decent conversions. I'm having a painfully slow month with my Amazon sites and conversions are a shade under 10%.

    If you're starting out I think you have to sloooow down and build one site, get it working and then build a second. You're going to need to have multiple sites but slow down and see what works for you so you can replicate it with the next site, next site and so on.

    I've a bad habit of rushing things where as now I'm going to focus a little more on building sites that are not just ranking higher and being higher quality. Thinking a little longer term and focusing on the end user. Focusing on their motivations and reasons for buying.
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    Pick a domain name that is a buyer keyword ...for sale etc... they are already looking to buy.
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      Excellent advice so far.

      I'll just shoot from the hip here....

      1. Be prepared to fail the first time... chances are you're not going to hit pay dirt on the first, second... hell, could be a few attempts... til you get it right.

      2. Work to you strengths and outsource what you're no good at... or what eats into your time. If you're not a graphic guy, don't spend hours trying to figure out photoshop or gimp, only to produce some nasty looking banner... $5 - $10 and you've got a nice site header.... this goes for article writing, seo etc...

      3. It's been mentioned, but I'll say it again "BUYING KEYWORDS" go after these, and leave the info keywords behind... yes, some of them may have a lot of monthly searches... last thing you want is a bunch of tire kickers.

      4. Know your enemy... find a couple of high competition items... usually a household appliance between $150 - $500... have a look at the top 5 on Google... They're doing something right...

      5. Offer quality content... and break it up into small paragraphs, easier on the eye...

      6. Offer quality video reviews and make sure you display this above the fold (visible to the user without having to scroll down) You can embed with Youtube very easily... I recommend using the youtube lite plugin... loads faster.

      7. Like Gaz said... pick a course.... really, if you're a complete noob, then this really is a very worthwhile investment. I did Jan's and found it saved me a lot of time.

      8. DONT GIVE UP!

      Best of luck
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        Great advice from a lot of people so far.

        I would say a thing I often see from people struggling is the following...

        They will choose a keyword like "Dewalt DC970K-2 18-Volt Drill/Driver Kit" and then tack on "Review" to the end of it, and then create the content and publish it.

        In my opinion/experience the only way people will actually encounter that keyword is IN Amazon. In which case, all they have to do is click right below the name of the product to see customer reviews right there...with way less effort than cutting and pasting the keyword into Google and adding review to it, thus maybe showing the content we are trying to rank!

        So if you can think critically about what problems the said product solves and target those keywords, or delve yourself into the mind of a certain person you are targeting, then that's the better way to approach it, imho.

        In other words, be visitor-focused, not so much product focused...even though Amazon is ALL about products.
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    Choose a niche and research your keywords thoroughly. Go after buyers keywords and post a review of the product you chose using your buyer keyword in the meta tags of your review page. Then make regular posts in various forums to get people to your affiliate products. Promote one product at a time.
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    In your review articles think outside the box to get people to click through. Even if its the worst product ever then get people to click through, they may not necessarily buy that product but they might find another one (you still get paid). Some ideas i use to get as many clicks as possible:

    -use links in pictures of the product
    -say something like "CLICK HERE to find the best price available for the product through" ie don't mention the price in your article (but mention the current discount off the list price)
    -use the negative reviews to your advantage - talk about the weak points of the product and then say "CLICK HERE to read some more criticisms of the product"
    -encourage them to click through to see more pictures of the product
    -get specific about the product. e.g. if it is a breadmaker then tell the reader to click through to check out the recipes that reviewers have posted... If it is a rooftop cargo box tell them to "click here to see just how much some customers have managed to fit inside the unit"

    Hope that helps,

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    The most useful tip I can give you is to step into the boots of your customer and ask yourself what you would buy if you were them. When you get that answer, go find it on the amazon associates program, use some decent marketing, and you're good to go.
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    So many suggestion and ideas!
    How can i choose and use the best one?
    Any further advice?
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    If you are building review sites for products then make sure the review is yours and original, if you want Google to rank it anywhere. Reviews must be a decent length (about 800+ words) with good value content, otherwise you will get nowhere on the front page.
    Research is everything when it comes to Google ranking, choose a product with too much competition and your stuffed.
    Personally I think that Amazon products are getting tougher than ever to rank for - but that's maybe just me
    Some great advice on this thread though - maybe I'll have to think again!
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  • Profile picture of the author sitthipong
    So many suggestion and ideas!
    How can i choose and use the best one?
    Any further advice?
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      If you want 1 tip it is to take guessing out of the game.
      Assuming you have done your keyword research (or roduct research) and decided on a niche. Build your site and then apply tracking. tracking. tracking.

      Amazon is all about the numbers and to be able to tweak your success, you need information. Install a tracker, for example the free StatCounter, keep an eye on where your traffic is going, what pages they exit through, what search terms are being used, etc - in combination with extensive use of Amazon tracking ID's, and a constant check on your conversion stats.

      Another tip you will hear a lot and which is accurate is to link to Amazon through your images and textlinks and/or buy buttons and not use the Amazon standard banners and widgets because 1) they don´t convert 2) they distract from the links that do convert

      Free action plan : Think less. Do more.

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        There are so many tips I could give but I'll just provide you with the ones I wish someone had drummed into me when I started...

        1. KNOW EXACTLY WHICH KEYWORDS YOU'RE GOING TO TARGET - Get an exact list of the keywords and build your site around them.

        I usually target 2 or 3 main keywords like "Steam mop reviews" or "best steam mop" and then also get a list of long tail keywords for each product like... x2000 steam mop and x2000 steam mop review.

        Try to stick to main keywords that get at least 1000 exact monthly searches but don't be put off by keywords that get 4000 or more... there's always longtails that can bring in traffic for you while you work on getting to page 1 for your main keywords.

        2. Build your backlinks at a steady pace - Don't go for 2 weeks without building any links and then all of a sudden pay someone to blast out 200 links for you overnight. Experiment with different backlinking strategies as some are better than others and it takes time to figure out which ones you're good at and which you prefer, but just make sure you build them at a steady pace.

        3. Write great quality reviews or guides - Research the product as much as you can - Read the user reviews on Amazon, go to the manafacturers page and gather all the information you possibly can. Try to make the review at least 800 words and mention any details about the product you can. Put yourself in the readers shoes - What kind of information would you look for if you were considering buying this product?

        4. Put a few links to Amazon in each review... You have to remember that not everyone will read your entire review, many people will skim through it so it's important to have a few links and at least one that stands out.

        I like to have the product name hyperlinked to amazon at least once at the start of my review, I then also have a link somewhere in the middle of the review just sitting by itself saying something like... Now on sale at Amazon. I also have a link to Amazon towards the end of the review, normally under a heading like... Where to buy product XYZ? I then explain why I think Amazon is a great place to buy this product.

        5. Stick to one site until it's making a good amount of money - Many people will tell you that you need to have x amount of sites to make money on Amazon but there's no use starting a new site until you make the current one reach it's potential. It's so much harder to try and rank 2 or 3 sites all at once.

        6. Don't give up when you don't see instant results - I worked my arse off last year writing reviews and building backlinks and saw barely any income from it. What I didn't realize at the time was that all the rewards for my hard work would come later on. From September onwards I was only able to devote a few hours a week to IM, but I saw my income shoot through the roof because of all the hard work I put in earlier in the year. It was an awesome feeling checking the associates app on my iPhone while on holiday at the beach with my fiance and seeing 40, 50 and 60 dollar days.

        Some other smaller tips:

        - Link all your images
        - Regularly check Amazon for new products in your niche. If you can get up a review for a product that's just come out before any of your competitors do then you'll make a very nice profit for months to come.

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    There's been so many awesome tips on this thread so far, but one thing I haven't seen mentioned (although I am not very observant) is the astore.

    It's very easy to incorporate an Amazon store into your site and while I haven't done any empirical split testing on sites I've added this to, but I certainly haven't done worse.

    They look great and really professional when added correctly.
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    There's some great advice here.

    Targeting the right keywords is pretty crucial and making sure that they are buyer keywords. Anything with "...for men", "...for women", etc. Or "review", "sale", "comparison", etc. are good buyers keywords.

    The reviews need to be pretty thorough as well... and be honest. I usually include a small negative with every review to build trust with my buyers.
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    Thank you guys for all the tips !

    Zack Sprague

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      How do you guys feel about affiliate links on the home page? If I'm a buyer... I just want to see the reviews and the price ranges. I'd like to be able to list my top 5 with affiliate links on the front page... but I hear about people absolutely hating the idea of having affiliate links on it for SEO purposes.

      Any thoughts would be great.
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    Wow, so many great tips in this thread. One can easily pack this info into an ebook and sell it haha.
    I don't know if this fits the beginner category but after you built your site you will notice that a good percentage of your visitors are coming from Canada and the UK. If you are using links from the US amazon associates account you are not getting paid on those sales. That's why you will need to sign up for .ca,, .de accounts etc and use a script that swaps the links based on user's ip or hire a programmer to do that for you.
    Best of luck.
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