Thumb rules for selecting domain name

by cbnet
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Dear Warrior Brothers,

After deciding niche can some body guide me what are the thumb-rules for selecting domain name.

Thanks & Regards...............cbnet
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    Here are a few:
    1. Pick a .com
    2. Keep it short
    3. Use a keyword that gets a lot of searches
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    .com or .org should be good. Even though I had no problems with .info , .com is pretty cool for high search engine rankings.

    And make sure you use the most searched keyword
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    The extension makes no difference. Get a keyword domain with a lot of searches and do the on page SEO. .com, .net, .org, .info ... all will rank equally if you do the SEO, contrary to popular belief.
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      Originally Posted by sbucciarel View Post

      The extension makes no difference. Get a keyword domain with a lot of searches and do the on page SEO. .com, .net, .org, .info ... all will rank equally if you do the SEO, contrary to popular belief.
      True to an extent.
      However i get better click through rates for .coms for search.
      I mainly deal in ecom, so maybe its a trust issue
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    I would make sure that the main keyword you are wanting to target is in the domain somewhere. Try to buy an aged domain as in my experience they do not take as long to rank as new domains.
    My Internet Marketing Blog - Warts And All!
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    Some basic guidelines for picking a domain name:

    * Conduct keyword research and select a domain name based on the most monthly searches with low competition;

    * Register this exact match domain with a .com/.net/.org extension with a reliable domain registrar

    After you have registered your domain name:

    * Do on-page SEO

    * Create good unique content

    Finally, continue to read posts and threads on the Warrior Forum to expand your knowledge in the areas mentioned.

    Hope this helps!
    Make every day count!
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    Here's a few more out-of-the-ordinary points to look out for.
    - It's ideal if the domain passes the "radio test" - that means, can be conveyed verbally without spelling it out.
    - Try to avoid multi-word names where the ending letter of one word coincides with the beginning letter of the next word. For example,
    - Make sure there are no awkward words contained in the domain. ExpertSexchange (Experts Exchange) and WhorePresents (Who Represents) ran into problems.
    - Google has officially stated that the TLD is NOT used as a factor in ranking a website - that is .info will rank as strongly as a .com. The exception is if you're using a ccTLD like, where the website will show up more in United Kingdom search results. Some vanity TLDs, like .tv, .ws, .me have been recognized as global by Google though, and can be retargeted in Webmaster Tools.
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    And of course, be wary of any possible trademark usage. This one just in:



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    Before you choose a domain, you need to do keyword research on various keywords so that you can choose a domain name for a keyword that you think you can rank well on. It should be identical to the keyword, if possible.

    There is a lot of debate on whether the extension makes a difference or not. If .com is available for a domain with your keyword in it, choose it, but otherwise, don't hesitate to choose other extensions.

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    1. dot com. ALL super-successful players are dot coms. The few exceptions that made it ( and have since purchased their dot com equivalent because they knew they were leaving major money on the table. Dot com. Dot com. Dot com. Nothing else.

    2. Eleven characters or less (successful dot com companies average 11 characters before the .com... average of PPC advertisers that are not successful is 13 characters).

    3. Catchy and easy to pronounce without ambiguity.

    Just look at the list of major players (and even minor players):
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