Hi Gang,, Hey, where can I get great video clips for Intro Videos

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Hey all my friends here at the Forum,,,

I have a couple of video editing software programs, thinking of buying a 3rd. But,, my reason for buying a 3rd may be unnecessary.

I seem to have it in my head that the editing software should have all the "great" templates in them already, which doesn't seem to be the case, you know, to make all those awesome video intros and all that cool stuff.

Anyway, my question is, where can I find all those cool templates, or clips, that explode and your name pops up in the middle with awesome music and all that? Do I just need to buy the clips and create them myself?

Does any editing software have "all that"? Or, where can I find low cost clips.

I've looked around but some seem excessively expensive, or monthly dues. I just want one (a clip) for now, don't need a subscription. Money really isn't an issue,, but I just need 1 and don't wanna pay $70 a month.

So, oh Warrior friends,, where do I find such stuff?
Hot ass clips, low cost.

Robert X
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      I've had good luck with Fiverr incredibly enough!



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        Originally Posted by James Sides View Post

        I've had good luck with Fiverr incredibly enough!


        You beat me to it lol!! Fiverr is King!

        A cool little cash earner while you learn and grow your business Click Here now!

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    For Mac, iMovie is ultra cool. For windows, SONY VEGA pro is good but the software costs around $450.
    The requirements you mentioned above, I think Windows movie maker should work bro
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    And forgot to mention, Adobe Premiere elements 9 is also good. The price range is around $25 to $127. You know, adobe is always the worth.
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    Ah, finally something that I can help with. I am a video editor.

    Unfortunately, most software do not contains the templates that you mentioned. From experience, most of them are available for a small purchase at videocopilot.net or videohive.net using adobe after effects or premiere pro. There are a few more, just google "after effect templates".

    Fiverr is a great source to get awesome videos. I bet many people here in this forum can attest to it.
    However, the downside of it is that for $5 some sellers will not bother with you when you ask for revisions. If you got something that is not what you want, it is next to impossible to ask for many revisions. It is still a good place to buy though.

    The third way and my favorite way is using a web based software called Animoto. It's at animoto.com. It uses great templates and computerized calculations to make your video. It cost $7 to enter (per month) and a few more bucks if you need a 480p or 720p video.Then use your video editing software to edit out the watermark at the back. It also has preloaded music. That are the pros.
    I am not sure what sales video you are making, so I cannot decide for you. It is best that you see the templates yourself and see whether you can imagine your product in them. It's how you use the tool that matters.

    Just in case you are using animoto, having used this many times, I found some things you should take note. This is something many people don't know.
    1. Any videos is 10sec long max
    2. Each video can only take 1 song. This is unlike any video editing software where you can line more than 1 song. NOTE: The way to bypass this limitation is to manually snitch your songs together and upload it as one song.
    3. It is impossible to sync the song to your animation. It's automatic, which saves time, but gives you a lot little control than a video editing software. However, having said that, the computer does quite a good job calculating it.

    In review of other video editing softwares, I don't think you should spend any more money on software. You will never find a template that you need. If you must, hire someone to do the video for you.

    I hope this helps. If you want, you can pm me your questions and I will do my best to answer you.
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    Depending on what software you have VideoHive (After Effects Projects, Motion Graphics, C4D Templates | VideoHive) and ActiveDen (Stock Flash Components, Web Templates, Banner Rotators | ActiveDen) have some great templates you can edit to create professional effects.
    D24 MEDIA - Web and Marketing Specialists
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    I agree that VideoHive is probably your best bet.Just keep in mind that you need to have Adobe After Effects and know the basics.

    Editing the project files to customize your own intros is pretty simple-you get step by step instructions-as long as you have some basic knowledge of the software.

    Hope this helps!
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