Should I even bother selling old PLR articles?

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    The answer is obvious isnt it.

    You say you have 20k+ plr articles sitting on your HD and you love writing.
    The information is probably still valid so just rewrite the articles then they are your own work
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    You could spin them to make them unique... But if you prefer to write them, then that's better than spinning.

    James Scholes
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    If the article contain useful content, there will be buyers who will be interested in purchasing them. I think the article pack will be more valuable if you have done research and write content that people are looking for.


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    Article spinning should make it unique... Writing it by yourself is also good but it's gonna take a long time. Go for spinning, my view though.
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    Personally, If I had that much content I would think about doing 2 things:
    1) Re-write them (outsouce it?)
    2) Bundle them up and give them away to build my list
    If its so old - best just to get some use out of it.
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    I write my own articles for my PLR site for many reasons.

    1. I can guarantee quality because I'm writing it and I know my writing is quality stuff.
    2. You don't always know the rights included with all of those PLR articles. Many people don't allow you to transfer PLR rights.
    3. I can easily tell my customers how many people have bought a package to help them make a more informed decision. When someone asks me I can easily tell them a pack has been sold under 20 times or that only a small handful have bought the package.
    4. Fresh PLR is just more valuable.

    My suggestion is to use those for research or topic ideas. I have a lot of PLR and I look through it when I write new PLR. I've come across some unique angles to come from in my articles by looking through my PLR.

    If you choose to sell that old PLR, I would highly suggest doing it somewhere besides your own PLR site. Fiverr maybe? Selling it on the same site as your fresh PLR could devalue your own PLR.
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