The Rabbit Gets 5 Bucks, The Tortoise gets $1,000

by edmltw
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So which one you wanna be?

Answer: Both.

Think like a rabbit when it comes to short-term income streams and take more time to be in the mindset of a tortoise over to long-term profit systems.

To be like a rabbit you've gotta to hit the quick bucks, join systems like Fiverr, contentwriter, aggressively promote your gigs such as article writing, backlinking, web design, setup wordpress sites, etc. etc. etc.

Get the cash, either i) spend it. ii) Re-invest into the tortuise mindset.

To be a tortoise you've gotta go through the systems and take your time to test and tweak before blasting your offer to the public. Check through your sales funnel, squeeze page, conversion rate of salesletter, PPC campaign ROIs...

In a nutshell:

"Keeping a balance of both job aspects keep both the capital flow and the long-term residual, passive income dreams alive."

No one job is too small to ignore, too big to reject. Accept the job first, get the deposit, and worry about it later. That's when you will start making money.


p.s. have you made your new year resolutions yet? Here's a tip, keep it short-term and achievable.

p.s.s. example: if you are walking, aim to run. If you are running, aim to sprint. If you are sprinting, try flying
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