Is there a way to do this thru Facebook?

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Hello all,

New to the internet marketing approaches

Sometime ago, I remember speaking to a guy who mentioned selling T-shirts on the net. He said that through Facebook, he was able to "find" people who would like one type of T-shirt vs. another. I don't remember the example he gave but I think it was something like placing "Great Day" on a T-shirt and depending upon who he was marketing it to, he would change the font/lettering - ex: kid blocks for kids, pink for women, western font for "cowboys", etc.

But the thing that struck me was that he was able to "find" specified target markets through Facebook and increased his sales somehow.

Does this actually exist? If so, what would one do to access it?
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    He was probably refering to Facebook Ads which allow you to target your market by demographics and interests.

    Not a cheap option to start with unless you really know what you are doing

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    Depending on how well one utilizes Facebook for their target market, a Facebook page can become more successful in terms of traffic than a 'traditional' website page.

    For one, it seems to be picked up by search engines much faster. For another, you will find more Facebook 'addicts' who are much more comfortable using Facebook than traditional websites - go figure...
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    Yeah, there are many ads popping up in facebook. inkfruit is one of them... I dont know if they are reliable and cant guess their quality...
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    Anyways, facebook has become a nice place for advertising... 'myntra' which sells shoes has become successful. my friend has ordered a pair of nike and they are pretty cool
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    I would say it's not hard to find targeted markets on Facebook if you know what you are looking for... so if that's your niche, spend some time to research it to find out what that target market is searching for or what are common interested they all have... then you can search for them through Facebook, either through Facebook Ads or through similar fan pages and groups... It's great about Facebook that there is possible viral effect that could skyrocket your fan base, if you do it correctly...
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  • Profile picture of the author Fary is the best Facebook application I have ever used to sell and buy staff. It is free and anyone can try it. You can also try PPC as other warriors mentioned
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    Hi all and thanks so much for the responses,

    then you can search for them through Facebook, either through Facebook Ads or through similar fan pages and groups
    In my example above, the fellow would have created a shirt with a big bass on it and attempt to sell it to people who have fishing as a hobby. With the bolded above, are you saying to take out a Facebook ad?
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