Do You TRULY Believe You Can Learn Everything?

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This may very well be one of the most important things for you to learn if you're
going to take your business to the next level or even get it off the ground at all.


Do you truly believe you can learn everything when it comes to IM...AND...

Master it well enough so that it adds to the success of your business?

I'm not going to go list all the things involved in running a business because
there are way too many but here are just a few.

Business Planning
Product Creation

And of course each of these can be broken down into so many subsets that
it becomes overwhelming.

Who here is an expert in all of these?

I sure as hell ain't.

In fact, I'm in the process of trying to sell my business.

Guess what?

I'm learning that I don't know the first thing about how to do it...clueless.

So I have to go somewhere (probably to a service that handles these things)
to find out what steps I have to take in order to even prepare to have my
business sold.

I feel like a newb again. Seriously, I am like a fish out of water.

If there is something you can't do or something you've tried to do but can't
seem to do well, there is no shame in admitting it and....wait for it...

Get somebody to do it for you.

It boggles my mind at the number of beginning marketers who refuse to:

Hire copywriters
Outsource article writing (even though they can just about speak English)
Hire an SEO expert

And the list goes on and on.

And then I hear all the excuses.

"I don't have the money."
"I don't know who to trust."
"I don't like putting my business in somebody else's hands."

And that list goes on and on.

Here's my best rebuttal to the first excuse.

If you don't have the money and what's holding your business back is that
you can't write a sales letter to save your life in spite of countless efforts to
write a decent one....

Where do you think the income is coming from if your sales letter drives
people away in droves because it sucks?

So if that's your excuse and you've truly given it everything you've got to
write a decent sales letter...guess what?

You might as well pack it in.

You can't keep doing the same thing (writing crappy sales letters) over and
over and expect different results.

That is pure INSANITY.

Same thing with writing articles. If your articles sound like they were written
by a third world non English speaking person and you're writing them for the
purpose of getting syndicated by major sites, you are WASTING YOUR TIME.

Okay, I've made my point so now I'm going to cut to the chase.

If you've given it everything you've got and have found that you just don't
have the skills to do a particular task, and THAT task is definitely the one
thing keeping you from seeing any success with your business, do yourself
a favor.

Do something else with you life.

Because if you don't, you're going to look back one day, realize that your
stubborn nature kept you from succeeding, and you're going to regret all
the time that you wasted on an endeavor that proved to be nothing more
than a hobby.

I was fortunate. I came from a writing background. So learning sales copy
was not hard for me.

Some people will NEVER be copywriters, or articles writers, or SEO experts
or whatever.

There is no shame in admitting you can't do something.

Get a hold of somebody who CAN do what you CAN'T do and then MAYBE
your business will have a chance to see the income that you've dreamed of.

Take this bit of advice from somebody who has just finished 9 years of
being on his own without a boss hounding his every move.

It's not easy...but it's worth it.
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    NObody can learn completely... he or she can be perfect at some point with which he/she has practise....
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    Chances are you can learn almost everything.

    On the opposite, you can not master everything.

    So while it is OK, that not everyone is

    *master copywriter
    *seo genius
    *adwords guru

    it is not an excuse for not learning at least
    basics of and how does it influence your
    IM business.

    I believe that many many people on this forum
    are in the niches where

    *Business Planning
    *Product Creation

    are completely foreign words, they took
    the effort to learn them up to the level
    where they offer their readers or subscribers
    worthwhile product or service.

    And, yes, it is so much better to scale
    it up then with with outsourcing or hiring
    a professional.

    After all it is the truth that matters the most.

    Get the truth and right direction for Your affiliate journey.

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    Most people could learn each area of IM to a degree but then natural ability comes into play. Not everyone is good at copywriting... good at designing graphics... good at coding... writing articles etc.

    Jack of all trades, maybe.. but master of everything... I very much doubt it.
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    I do not think you can learn everything because new things are being tried and tested everyday in this business. I think everyone can be good at alot of things but only master one thing. Again it comes down to the individual what do you want to learn and how much learning are you willing to do.
    My Internet Marketing Blog - Warts And All!
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      Yes, if you have the desire, you can learn & master everything but again as I say always, its very important that you focus on a single thing at a time. It also pretty much depends on the individual & his abilities.


      Take Action To Succeed In IM

      PM Me For Any Advice OR Help!


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    You can learn everything.


    Can you master it?

    That is the real question.
    Time of thinking is over.
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    Here's my take, you can't learn everything in fact no one knows everything. You only have 1 brain and 1 body.

    How can you learn everything? Well, it depends to you on how you define the word "learn."

    Louie Tugas
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    I agree, I think this is why as human-being we need
    to work with others and surround ourselves with skilled
    peoples who can do what you cant do and to whom you
    can help them do what they can not yes you cant
    learn everything and you dont have to though...but you need
    to master at least one skill that you can use to partner with
    others, if you're good at copywriting then you work with
    someone who's good at product creation, if you're good
    at technical you do the same etc...

    But again you need to master at least 1 skill to get
    the ball someone said to me one day, you
    could be 1 skill away from success...

    And in business, I think that learning how to sell
    should be something that anyone should learn, at
    least the basics...but that's just me.

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    Don't think you can ever truly learn to do everything yourself. I for instance can only do basic stuff on wordpress. I don't have a clue about designing or coding within wordpress. Probably take me weeks if not months to reach the level I'd need tbh. However fortunately I know a good guy that knows this inside out.
    As long as I can project what I want he'll do it for me usually rather quickly.

    I think as a true IM'er as long as you are good at one or more methods of online marketing the rest as already said can be outsourced to many people via the huge number of outsourcing sites and forums.

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    This is where working smart, not hard comes in to play. Yes you could learn about almost all aspects regarding IM but you would never be the best at all of them. But someone, somewhere is. I'll use him!

    I think the best thing to perfect is allocating specific tasks to the right people


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    I try to know it all, but honestly, I am smart enough to know when to outsource.
    Bill Platt, Oklahoma USA,
    Publish Coloring Books for Profit (WSOTD 7-30-2015)
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    I think it is possible to learn anything of course some will learn better than others.
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    It really depends on what type of business it is. It's another of those how long is a piece of string questions.
    I think everyone should have an understanding of each of the different components but they only need true mastery over the critical skill that they bring to the table.

    If you don't try to learn and become involved with every element, how can you be successful at outsourcing? What are you going to be asking people to do and how can you measure the results if you don't know enough about it yourself?

    Obviously there might be some technical component, or financial component or whatever the heck it is that the owner does not need to spend time on to become an expert. But s/he needs a good appreciation of it so it can be managed and doesn't become a weak link in the business.

    Knowing what you know and understanding your limitations is important.

    Many business people will tell you that if you're still involved in the day-to-day stuff after 2 years in business, then you're doing something wrong.
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    I'm sorry but i don't agree. I believe in saying "You can if you think you can"
    and i also believe in expert saying (i dont remember who said it) that we are mostly use 10% of our brain power.

    Perhaps the big problem here is how can we keep our persistence and perseverence to the top level.

    Sorry for my bad english, im from third country with no speaking english as native. I'm learning on it.
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    "Do You TRULY Believe You Can Learn Everything?" I truly believe you can learn everything. But when it comes to business, it's definitely important when to learn and when to pay someone to do the work for you. It's all about the time and if you loose it you loose the opportunities you see when you have it.

    I think that's the difference between people who grow a massive business and people who can't cross a border. Thanks for the post Steven.
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    Good post.

    I'd add: the only thing you need to know everything about is running your business.
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    Available for Fixed Fee Projects and Hourly ($40/hr)
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    There are many different components in a successful online business and I think it will almost be impossible be an specialist in all the components. As some Warriors have mention, it is still important to know a little of all the main components so that we know what to expect when we outsource the work to other people.

    Sometime it is a smarter decision to just outsource to professionals who can do a better job as this mean getting best results


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    Even if you were able or had the time to learn everything, by the time you've done it, you would have crashed and burnt! Smart marketers take advantage of automation and outsourcing magic!
    Do you want to get from Newbie to Savvy Internet Marketer? My Brand New book will help you:
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    Great post and commentary. The biggest obstacle to success it to try to learn everything and be perfect.

    "Better is the enemy of good".

    You have to remember that "Money loves speed". When you are trying to master something, you may be wasting time which is a very precious commodity.
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