How I Went From -20,000$ in debt to 40,000$/month in 3 years (My True Success Story)

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Hi guys,

I used to troll around here a lot in the past, really had some of my earlier successes here selling WSO's... some of you may remember me. I used to be struggling online, like most people here I assume.

I never spent much time on forums, sometimes I would post here and there, but I mostly spent my time on reading and applying the stuff I was learning.

I had some moderate success after 2 years or so, making 200$ some months... on a really good month I'd make 1000$, and others months I'd make 50$. It was really hit and miss.

Anyway, Fast forward to today. I am happy to say that I'm now making a little over 40,000$ / month (in revenues) and it's growing pretty quickly.

In fact, at this pace, I'm hoping to hit 100,000$ / month sometimes in the coming 6 months.

I'm working closely with someone who's well known in the industry, and is helping me get there right now.

But I got here all by myself. I was just like you, in my basement. I knew no one, but all I knew was that there was money to be made online. Because John Reese said so, and I believed him. His success story was forever imprinted in my mind and I kept thinking about John Reese whenever I wanted to quit. (He was 100,000$ in debt before he was 23. AND It took him like 4 years or something to make his first 2,000$ online)

Watch this video from John, it's helped me a lot:

The Only Way To Change Your Reality Is To Face Your Reality

You must be wondering how I got here and what I'm doing?

The answer is Affiliate Marketing.

And it took me about 3 years to do it.

I used to come home from my 9 to 5, eat supper, talk with a family member or whoever was home, then work from 7 to 3 or 4 am. Every day.

And when I got fired from my job, I had decided that this was it, I was gonna give it my all.

I worked 6-7 days a week, 16-18 hours a day.. often times I would not sleep because I was so obsessed. I studied everything I could get my hands on. It then took me about 1 year after I quit my job to see my first success.

It was a $40 check for one month. I was so happy, it had confirmed that I could make money online. And at this point, I knew I was going to make it, although I had no idea how.

Next month it was $120.

And the rest is history as they say.

Last year I made a little under 200,000$ in revenue. This year I am on track to making at least 500,000$ and hopefully hit the million dollar mark before I hit the age of 30.

I have learned from MANY people, I could not pack all the stuff I learned in this post.

But I am a big believer in the law of attraction, and I have read countless books on this. And I really believe that what you think you become. I am living proof of this.

I did visualizations, I held a gratitude journal, I wrote affirmations down, I even said them out loud, I meditated.

I read incessantly, maybe an average of 4 hours a day+.

I literally became obsessed with success, and ANYTHING I read that I could apply, I would apply it to see if it worked for me.

And the majority of things did not work, mostly because I could not execute the ideas well. But the few that did, worked REALLY well.

And I just kept building on those small successes.

Oh yes, I should mention that I had MANY failures before this success. It wasn't exactly a walk in the park. And many people have criticized me along the way, telling stuff like "what are you doing in your basement, you think youre going to get rich off the internet?" mocking me and stuff like that.

Well it's REALLY INTERESTING, because I now make more money than most of them make in a year, in 1 or 2 months.

I'm not saying this to brag. Just to make the point. If YOU are SERIOUS, about this business, you WILL get these kind of comments. But you simply CANNOT listen to them. They do not know any better.

I have decided long ago to not take business advice from anyone that isn't making the kind of money I want to be making. This means sometimes being able to remain focused despite weird looks from people that are close to you in your life. That's okay. Just keep pushing.

My formula was simple.

1. Read from CREDIBLE sources

2. APPLY as quickly as you possibly can so the learning cements in your motor response

3. Watch & Study the FEEDBACK you get from the market

4. Learn from it, then adjust, tweak and IMPROVE your approach

You basically FAIL your way FORWARD.

This article was immensely influential on my operating mindset, and in shaping how I operate online today:

John Reese ( - Articles - How *Crap* Can Dramatically Boost Your Profits!

I hope this post was somehow inspirational to some of you...

Because I can remember a time where I was a struggling newbie... reading success stories from others... feeling inspired.

Well consider this my contribution...

Good luck to all of you!!!



Someone asked more info about what resources I could recommend, and how I did it exactly.

I've had some time to reflect on this, and here's what I came up with that had the most impact on my success based on my personal experience:

1. By far the most important IMO is changing my poor/lack/not enough mindset into a RICH/abundant mindset... the way you know you're there is when you start to interpret everything as a positive. For example, when I lost 20,000$ one time... I used that as a positive learning experience, and was actually grateful for it. The underlying mindset is that there is always enough in this universe to go about (This actually turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to me because a very positive thing happened as a result of this)... Of course I wasn't like ecstatic about it, what I'm trying to say is that I wasn't freaking the hell out like most people probably would... and I made sure to reflect on the lessons I learned so I don't repeat them again. (write your expensive/embarrassing lessons in a notebook so you can make sure that it is truly a learning and positive experience)... that way you eliminate failure instantly, as it becomes a success when you learn something new. And you grow wiser, smarter and stronger for the next challenge.

Also, getting over my fear and being OK with launching less than perfect projects. Because launching a crappy something is better than an almost perfect project that never gets launched.

I just got over the over-perfectionism mentality that had plagued me for so long, and just threw stuff out there without any attachment to the outcome.

2. Probably as important is education. My philosophy was to study from the best of the best ONLY (the bulk of my time at least). Going to the root of Internet Marketing and realizing that it is only Direct Response-Marketing simply applied to an online medium and not getting caught up in marketing gimmicks or the latest trickery software or script, but actually learning the fundamentals of marketing (where the real money is made).

The basics. The stuff that has not changed for the past 100 years and will not change, because it is based on human nature.

A few notable teachers I followed very closely: Dan Kennedy, John Reese, Eben Pagan, Ryan Deiss. I bought a lot of their stuff (on credit card).

I not only consumed their products, but I studied their marketing. (I collected all their sales letters, e-mails, etc.)

3. Keeping low-income activities to a minimum (youtube, playing games online, posting in forums, reading stuff on, etc.)

I used (free) which is a software that logs the time you spend on your PC. Its enlightening because a lot of time you dont realize youre spending so much time doing something you shouldnt be doing. But once you know you can stop it. So thats helped a lot.

4. I had developed a "take massive action AS QUICKLY AS I CAN" attitude. I never wasted time. I only invested time on a project after it had showed some promise. If it failed, I simply took the lesson and moved on to my next idea.

5. I created a mind-movie with a bunch of pictures of what I wanted, and watched this every day. Using Windows Movie Maker... which is really easy to do.

I also used to carry in my pocket a pile of fake cash wrapped with 2 or 3... 20$ bills around it with an elastic band. This gave me the feeling that I was already rich.

I'm really big on the whole Law Of Attraction thing.


That's just my way. I'm sure it's not THE way or the ONLY way... but it's worked for me... I hope someone can use some of this to create some success for himself in the near future.
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    A great story. I certainly believe in failing as a path to success. I have tried many projects that did not work, but I learned from each experience and improved over time.
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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      Great read, thank you. You have come a long way.

      And as you said the next stops are at $100k month. With the Internet everything is possible for the average Joe to become wealthy very quickly. But only if you are willing to suffer and study your ass off.

      Gl for the future!

      I think your advice on only listening to those who made it big is
      very well logical too. At least if you want to swim in the bigger

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    way to go !! well i am where you were 2 years ago minus i have not made a sale yet !
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    Oh my God!
    That's awesome and so inspiring.
    I have bookmarked this thread.
    Thank you so much for this post.

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    Rhen, congrats on the success. Those are some great links. John Reese made some excellent points that I'm taking onboard asap.

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      Your an inspiration to everyone still trying to make it
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    Although I was truly inspired by the testimony, I must admit that it would have had a greater impact if this did not follow right after the post:

    How I Make $1,000+/Day With Affiliate Marketing
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    Good story... thanks

    How I went from stone broke (literally!) to being worth over $2.6 million in under 28 months with a business I built part-time from home!

    Want to know more and get my FREE 62-page Special Report 'Marketing Pro Secrets: the ultimate guide to making money from home'

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    Sorry about that, it's an old signature I had from a while back. It's been over 5 months I didn't come here, fgot to take it off My true goal here was just to give something back, not promote anything. I really don't have the time to do anything in the IM niche yet.. probably much later though I probably will.
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    Thanks for this great inspirational and motivational post...

    But We would love to know more things like how you implemented your marketing strategies and any recommended resources which you have used to broaden your knowledge...etc.
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    Just an excellent post! Thanks. ...and it is always inspirational to hear success stories like yours. Your points about persistence and focusing your mind on success are so important. I like the fake wad of cash in your pocket idea! :-)
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    "You basically fail your way forward."

    That is the quote of the day, man. Thanks!
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      Nice 1.

      So refreshing too, to read of someone who's had success through application of the "law of attraction" (in which I firmly believe, but wouldn't push anyone else to), rather than through "God" per se.
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      Originally Posted by ArthurRose View Post

      You said you where fired from a job and it took a year for you to start getting first success, the sad thing is it's not the same for everyone. What would you recommend to people who can't get a job because there are 20 candidates for 1 place and country is close to bankruptcy + you have money to pay rent and for food left for only 2 months or so? Even if you give it all your best and fail, well...yo die basically. At least that's how it is here where I live.

      It's not that easy.

      Also, what about health? If I sit so long at computer, my eyes start getting red and sore. Back problems might also occur.
      Hi Arthur, I'm not sure if what I said sounded easy but I assure you it was not.

      And I don't mean to make this sound all doom & gloom but I didn't exactly have what people would call a smooth path.

      Coming from a 20,000$ debt with 4 credit cards and student loans, living on a 50$ budget per month, reading 3-4 hours a day, failing constantly with no guarantee of success... isn't exactly what I'd call easy.

      I did 13 jobs in 4 years prior to this, I have a high school diploma and no shot at any decent job. (EVER)

      Forget the 20 people fighting for my job, I am already disqualified from that position from the get-go and can't even compete for a high-paying salary job. Leaving me the lowest barrier to entry jobs, which left great jobs like telemarketing and being a cook and dishwasher in chinese restaurants (of which I did for 2 years btw)

      I'm sorry but, in my mind there are no excuses. Unless you have a salary of 20$ a month because youre from a 3rd world country and your english is like 10% fluent, and you have no arms and youre blind.

      Seriously. You need to stop wallowing in your misery and wake up to the fact that there is a LOT of opportunity out there for the taking.

      You just need to stop focusing on your alibis.
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    Great to hear about your success...well done!

    Thanks for the RescueTime link - it looks like it could be an invaluable tool.
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    Discover Over 1,000 Genuine Australian Wholesalers In Just A Few Minutes At
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    Great post man, the key here is focus.
    Make INSANE money by promoting PHYSICAL affiliate products.
    The one and only "GALLO Affiliate System" -
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      Originally Posted by RGallowitz View Post

      Great post man, the key here is focus.
      I totally agree that the key is focus. You learn alot from making mistakes and this is way I read and listen alot to other marketers mistakes through the years so I learn not to do them myself. I can only say that some mistakes are cheaper then others. A good tip is don't go in to PPC before you have done atleast 100 hours of studying and learning about it, as it can cost you a lot of money if you don't.
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      Dear Arthur,

      While I live in US(not a 3rd world country!), I too am unemployed and the job market is really tough right now. I have some unemployment insurance for six mos to give me time enough to find a job but that leaves me short about $400/month. My solution is that I am trying to offer myself as an article writer even though I have never done that before. You will need some way to get paid, Paypal or something else, but at $5/artlicle, you need to write about 100 articles/mo to cover your expenses. Maybe do some free ones first to get your foot in the door. Whatever you do, don't allow yourself to feel defeated before you even get started. Perseverence is the most important characteristic of success.

      Best wishes,


      Originally Posted by ArthurRose View Post

      Yeah, those are smart words. I am in a great position compared to that. But I was worrying about my fellow citizens, parents and friends, who do not know even basic English and are getting fired from their jobs (btw i live in 3rd world country). I just don't get how you could survive those 3 years. I need to pay around 400$ a month only for flat and if you can't get that money - you're on the street.
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    Originally Posted by drkellogs View Post

    I also used to carry in my pocket a pile of fake cash wrapped with 2 or 3... 20$ bills around it with an elastic band. This gave me the feeling that I was already rich.
    That's great, I love it! Although I'm not sure how I'd do that with the plastic money we have here in Australia.

    Just out of curiosity how much time on average are spending on your business these days?
    Free From Society - Escaping The Perils of Mainstream Society.
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    Great story! I don't know about the law of attraction but I LOVE this part. More practical to me :-):

    Originally Posted by drkellogs View Post

    I never spent much time on forums, sometimes I would post here and there, but I mostly spent my time on reading and applying the stuff I was learning.

    4. I had developed a "take massive action AS QUICKLY AS I CAN" attitude. I never wasted time. I only invested time on a project after it had showed some promise. If it failed, I simply took the lesson and moved on to my next idea.
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  • Profile picture of the author Craig Fenton
    Hi Drkellogs:

    Your post was one of the most articulate I have ever read. What made it special was how you constructed it. With your level of achievement if you wanted to plug anything from E-Books to postage stamps you deserve it. In your case you let the words not the links do the talking.

    Thank you for the story, the positive vibe, and being a professional!

    Have a great week.

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    Congrats on your success.
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    • Profile picture of the author csm

      Very inspiring post and congratulations on your success.

      Would you care to elaborate more on your affiliate marketing techniques? Do you promote tangible products, what affiliate networks do you like, etc.? Do you manage many, many sites or focus on a core group of a few sites? What type of sites (datafeeds, blogs, static sites, etc.)?

      How do you get traffic - organic or paid, articles, backlink building, PPC?

      It's very motivating and great to hear of someone with huge success in affiliate marketing!

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    The moral of this story is:

    Failure can't live with Persistence!

    Well done!

    "How To Hang Out On Various Exotic Islands
    Whilst Still Making Shed Loads Of Money...and stuff!"

    Get your FREE ISSUE entitled...'A Quick, Easy $2,000 In Your Pocket By This Weekend!'
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    Thanks for sharing your story with us, you got me inspired and now I'm hoping that I can follow your trail in internet marketing area, I will surely follow your tips and guides and always keep them in mind while I'm working, anyways best of luck on your future plans..
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    Great post. Thanks for the read.

    One thing I wondered, was how you decided when to give up on a project?

    I've found with IM, that when you're struggling for money and using mainly free methods to market, it takes a fair amount of time to build up any traffic or sales. My biggest problem has been switching between projects without giving each a fair go. Testing with PPC or something similar is a good way to test a market, but in a less than wealthy situation, it's not always possible.

    How did you combat this?
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    Great post. Thanks a lot.

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    Very inspiring. 3 years and $40,000 per month later is pretty impressive to say the least. See what you can do when you really put your mind to something and pursue it with such conviction and focus.

    You started with small payouts which went from $40 to $120 but because you mastered the fundamentals all you had to do was scale.

    I hope anyone feeling a little down on their luck and little jaded will take inspiration from your post.

    Thanks for sharing, and ps - $100,000 per month really isn't a stretch for you at all. Congrats.
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    Great post and congratulation for the success.
    The article of John Reese about crap is very inspiring and this was my problem at the beginning. I was just obsessed by perfection and never could get anything up because I was never satisfied by the quality of my work.
    This is one of the most common pitfalls that starters fall in.


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    • Profile picture of the author mackz
      Congrats on your success.

      I think many of us suffer from this obsession.

      Can't count the days I've spent watching the morning sun stream into my room while at work on the computer. Not a very healthy lifestyle for the long term.

      You mention listening to quality mentors. This can be the most frustrating part about IM.
      As there are so many snake oil salesmen out here in the weeds.

      That and staying focused on a plan of action, instead of going with the next big thing.
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        I love the part in the video where Reese says "you become what you think about." Thanks for posting the inspirational story.
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    I'm glad it resonates with some people here. And thanks for chiming in and letting me know.

    I'm going to respond to a few people here that have asked questions:

    @Glenn72: The income is on auto-pilot, I spent 15 to 30 minutes a day updating my stats and checking that everything is ok. With that being said, I spend most of my time getting up to date with what's happening in my industry, I've got over 40 blogs/news sites on my RSS feeds that I read regularly. Since I don't network much (which I should, and will very soon) doing this helps me stay current on what's happening in the game, and gives me different perspectives from other people in my field. This also gives me a lot of great ideas on what I can do to scale my business up.

    I spend most of my time reading/applying/scaling my business. Maybe 6-10 hours a day approx. Because the way I think is that the only thing separating me from my goal, is more skill/luck, so I spend a lot of my time refining my skill, learning new skills that are related to what I'm doing, and when the right opportunity comes along, I have the skill to take advantage of it (because I've been working on it).

    As opposed to having an opportunity come up, and not know what to do with it.

    With this being said, I am also very pro-active about finding mentors, people to learn from, and putting my theories to the test of the real world.

    @abelacts: Yeah I'm a one of those new-age woo woo guys ... with that being said, I'm also a huge believer in taking massive action.

    @CraigFenton: Thanks for the compliments, I appreciate your appreciation

    @CSM: I promote mostly information products. The companies I work with, I do direct. I do a little bit with the CPA networks. The advantage to going direct is that you are getting the best pay because you are cutting the middle man. But the disadvantage is that they tend to not want to pay fast. Meaning their terms is usually 1/30 or 1/45... which means they pay you after 30 days or 45 days. If you go with a CPA network, they can pay you WEEKLY. This is HUGE for cash flow... Had I known, what I know now. I would have gone with the CPA network. Because I wasted a lot of time dealing with cash flow problems early on.

    There's lots of schools of thought on this. What I do is focus on a few niches and go really deep with it. I'm currently one of the top affiliates for a company that's a leader in a very competitive niche.

    For example I heard Amit Mehta (a super aff) spends an average of 9 months on ONE niche. This is how I tend to approach things as well. I believe in becoming the leader in the niche and going very deep and hitting it from ALL the angles. But then there are people like Jeremy Palmer, I believe he has over 200 sites or something. Basically everyone has got their own style and way of doing things that works for them. And you're going to develop your own over time. Just keep pushing and learning.

    I do 100% ppc right now (google(search+content),yahoo,msn)... and currently working on getting ranked on SEO with an authority site.

    @Jkeown: The hardest part is the early part. I think what you want to do is think short-term at first. Think about ways you can generate cash quickly. Well in my case, I had no choice becuase I had no money, or very little. There are ways you can generate short-term cash into your pockets. It's not a long-term strategy, it's just to get some cash in, so that you can invest it into a more mid-term, long-term business venture. Doing PPC, is a matter of luck, perseverance and knowing what you're doing. What I would do, is figure out a way to generate quick cash, but keep studying the fundamentals of business-building and marketing.

    Over time, you will start to connect the dots. Try to fail fast and cheap. So that you can learn faster about what doesn't work and why, and what works and why. I'm naturally a very theoretical type of person, I like to think a lot. But I found that not thinking too much is better. Doing more, and learning from the market (by testing things), testing meaning, putting stuff out there and see how the market reacts has been the best teacher.

    Whenever I am debating about whether or not the best strategy or tactic is, I try to find a way to test it quickly, and I go test it, and I let the market tell me what works. And I let them vote with their actions.

    For example, if I want to write a book about growing blue carrots. The first thing I'm gonna do is NOT write it. I'm going to look if there is a demand. Then if there IS a demand, before I even write it, I will go in a forum somewhere and put up a "test" to see how the market will respond to it.

    So I will say something like, hey guys I've been growing blue carrots for the past 5 years and I want to share this info with you guys, but first I need to know what are you guys struggling with your gardens. To make it worth your while I'm giving out a 50% rebate special launch price on the first 20 copies to the first 20 who submit their answers.

    You know something like that. I just made that up. The RESPONSE that post will get will tell me how hot something like that would be.

    There is always a way to test if an idea will be viable on the internet, you can always get people to vote with actions to see if your idea is valid. That is the power of the internet.

    Also, although I do consider people's opinions, what I'm REALLY looking for is people voting with actions. NOT just say oh yeah I'm gonna buy it, I tend not to believe in what people say.

    Cus what people say and do are two VERY different things.

    You see where I'm getting at? I'm NEVER wasting my time on a project if it has not proven itself to be a winner beforehand through my testing and probing the market. It's hard enough as it is

    Couple that with theoretical learning, and you've got a great frame of reference to connect the dots with what you read and real life concrete experiences. Keep doing this, and you will sooner or later, start to see very clearly into the fog. I hope this makes sense

    This is how I'd do it with little cash. And it's how I did it when I had 0 cash. I look for signs that there is money to be made there. Then I go after that specific market, with a unique offer.

    Now you've got to have something to sell. Which helps if you know a thing or two about something.

    If you don't know anything, then save some money to put it aside for some ventures in IM you will be doing.

    There's no easy way out.

    I once listened to a Dan Kennedy tape, and he was talking about how a woman was asking him how to get enough capital to start a business, and he told her GET A JOB and work, and save money basically.

    He's a very blunt guy. But there is a lot of truth to that.

    @Charan: Thanks for the encouragement! And you're right, it's all about scaling now.

    @Mackz: Yeah about the snaky oil man. Over time, you learn who's the real deal. But... one thing I've learned in this industry is that just because someone is doing well aka The Real Deal does NOT mean he is a good teacher. A lot of people doing well don't teach the real goods. The real goods, is marketing. True marketing. Which has to do with psychology and math (simple math, like knowing your metrics and stuff, not complex math).

    Not very sexy is it?

    Well you ALSO need tactics, but tactics should go on top of the foundation. Tactics should not BE the foundation, they should be on top of a solid foundation in marketing.

    See most newbies only focus on the short-term sexy stuff without having a proper foundation. So when they go try it, it's out of context, and they don't understand how the pieces fit together.

    And they keep flocking to stuff like how to get one 1st page of google fast, and how to make 10,000$ in a month in a 17 page report and crazy instant-gratification stuff like that. Just LOOK at the most popular WSOs selling here, you will know what I mean.

    And I can understand that thinking. I came from there too, and I bought those in the past. But at one point, you must outgrow that mentality and focus on the bigger picture, and understand how all the little pieces fit together.

    I just think there's more value in studying the underlying principles that make all of this work.

    Also. I'm saying you, but I'm just saying you in a more general sense. Not you personally.
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    Can you give an example of the mind movie you made.
    How long was it and what kind of audio/sound/music?
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    I didn't mention this in previous post. Another piece of great advice I like is...

    "Also, getting over my fear and being OK with launching less than perfect projects. Because launching a crappy something is better than an almost perfect project that never gets launched.

    I just got over the over-perfectionism mentality that had plagued me for so long, and just threw stuff out there without any attachment to the outcome."

    Many marketers think too much and always delay the start of new projects because they think that the projects are not "perfect" enough. And also they are looking for a magic formula.

    It happens to me, sometimes ;-)

    In fact, after I read the statement, I quickly put in action to turn an idea I got last month into reality. I postponed it because I "couldn't" think of a perfect way to implement it. But not anymore. I am going to launch it next week.

    I am not sure if it works. But what the heck because...

    "Because launching a crappy something is better than an almost perfect project that never gets launched."
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  • Profile picture of the author AnneE
    Generally I avoid reading posts with titles like these, because they often lead people to expect overly quick results. BUT... I noticed yours had 3 years at the end, so I clicked.

    I thank you for your story. I feel you focus on the right stuff -- that riches are not instant, that they don't necessarily come on your first try or second, that what's important is specifically what you did in terms of whether you used videos or blogging, but that you had the right mindset, etc.

    I watched John's video and found it interesting about totalling up the debt. Believe me, I CAN relate, to all of it. Well except for the suicidal part, but I've seen a loved one there (in part from financial issues).

    I'm on my way as well. Last month was $100, but I've written my goals to get from there to $1000 a month to change the overall financial direction from a net negative flow to a net positive, meanwhile I have a much bigger project underway, primarily outside the world of internet marketing (nothing is truly completely outside of it any more).

    I think I may pick up some of the fake money and try the real $20's around it. I REALLY like that one!!! I know right where I will put it too -- the inside pocket of my winter coat. About now it is feeling like I wear it year round!

    Thanks again.

    P.S. I went to Ebay to purchase my fake money and found Fake Money with Barack Obama's picture on it. At first I thought, no I want 'real fake money' -- ha ha.... but then it occurred to me... what better reminder that ALL things are possible if you believe they are then a picture of President Obama.
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  • Profile picture of the author kkrueger
    Oh My Gosh...I just watched the Video by John Reese...It's a Must Watch!!

    I was a bit skeptical, thinking it was another chest pounding propaganda movie. It's Not!

    The Only Way To Change Your Reality Is To Face Your Reality

    This is so beneficial for everyone!!!

    Thank you for this thread! I needed to hear this!

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  • Profile picture of the author largedogfan
    That could inspire anyone. Thank you.
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  • Profile picture of the author IMChick
    Brilliant post! Thanks for the John Reese links--there's a tremendous amount of value that I'm going to eeek out of each one of them! Congrads on a job well done!

    I vote this as one of the top 'overnight success' stories on the WF.
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  • Profile picture of the author pyrmontvillage
    Brilliant Stuff. Love Its Simplicity. Dig the Semi Spiritual Aspects. Bookmarked!!!
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  • Profile picture of the author CPA
    Dude rinse and repeat. Outsource workers, pay them 30% make the same thing you did all over 10 times and you'll have your first $400.000 month.
    Article writing services still available!
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  • Profile picture of the author lburrell
    thanks for that post mate. Just reminds everyone that "getting 1,000$ a month overnight" just won't happen in this biz!! HARD WORK + ACTION + A PLAN = SUCCESS
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  • Profile picture of the author Reid Stevens
    Very nice post!
    Great Domain Name For Sale

    Make me an offer.
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  • Profile picture of the author mmacken
    Amazing post, I really enjoyed reading it. Its given my the boost to go back and start reading my "happy pocket full of money" ebook =). I do honestly believe in the law of attraction and feel it is very under rated by alot of people. Thanks again drkellogs
    Signature - Free eBook For Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing - My Brand New IM Blog
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  • Profile picture of the author Kelvin Nikkel
    Thank you so much for your inspiration.

    While reading your initial post here, I couldn't help thinking that it sounded like I was reading about myself. At least until you started talking about making money. lol

    I too have brainwashed myself that I will be rich one day from Internet Marketing even though I have many friends and family who say that I am just dreaming and wasting my time. I will never give up and I know I will make it. Just a matter of time.

    thanks again. You gave me a boost of confidence that I am on the right track.

    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[511700].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author Louis Raven
    Congratulations, Rhen.

    So you make your money through affiliate marketing correct?

    Please don't tell me you use PPC. I love reading success stories but I'm not a big fan of PPC lol. What methods do you use bro?

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  • Profile picture of the author theemperor
    Great post - i see many like this, but I always have to ask WHAT IS THE HUMAN COST? I mean working 100 hours a week sounds macho and heroic, but are you losing friendships, relationships, fun, happiness for the sake of making money. At what point do you say "I have achieved financial freedom, now I want to have a more diverse life, and slow down the cash-chasing part of it".
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  • Profile picture of the author GoGetta
    Awesome story,

    I especially liked the bit about fake cash in your pocket with real bills wrapped around it!


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  • Profile picture of the author Anne-Marie B
    Great Story, I also believe and read alot on the Laws of Attraction.

    Very Inspirational, Thank You,

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    • Profile picture of the author Jill Carpenter
      And the majority of things did not work, mostly because I could not execute the ideas well. But the few that did, worked REALLY well
      I think this is a really important point for people who try things and just say "oh, it doesn't work, it's a scam"

      Usually this boils down to execution, and I totally agree that you have to keep going until you find a method that works best for you.

      I see this is an old post, but it is a nice story.

      "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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  • Profile picture of the author therise
    I love the story. Just so inspiring.


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  • Profile picture of the author x3xsolxdierx3x
    Awesome post, and definitely inspirational! (I only have a few posts here at the Warrior Forum, but if this type/quality of post is any indication of what to expect here....I predict I'll be here for quite some time!)
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  • Profile picture of the author actionplanbiz
    Awesome Story,

    it is kind of crazy. So many marketing tools out there

    but The most powerful tool is often ignored.
    And it always startes in the Mind, the Most powerful tool to Mankind.
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