Are high searched keywords ever accurate?

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I have ranked for some keywords that claim via wordtracker to have searches of say 1,000 daily searches. But when I rank on the first page of Google for this term I get around 10 uniques per day. So im wondering, are there really even any longtail keywords out there that can bring you say 1,000 uniques per day?

Im not talking about something like "make money online" as thats obvious. But some of the keyword tools show long tail keywords that are easy to rank for in certain niches with high daily searches like this. Alot of these keywords are vague and free type keywords, but everytime I rank for them its the same crap. If I could get 500 uniques per day from one keyword I would be thrilled!
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    There are different keyword tools, and they vary in reliability. Wordtracker and SEObook don't seem accurate to me. Once I found a great (or so I thought) long-tail keyword with 200+ searches per day, and NO competition. I thought I was lucky! I put in some effort and made a great site and ranked well.....but NO visitors. So much for 200+ per day.

    Since then I have been using the Google Adwords keyword tool and it seems to be pretty accurate. Micro Niche Finder and Market Samurai are two paid software tools that I hear are pretty good. Hope this helps some.
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