What do you use to create videos?

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    Well I would suggest a free program that could be as good as Adobe Photoshop. There are tons of alternative good programs to use. Just please do not use Windows Paint

    Here is a link:

    11 Free Adobe Photoshop Alternatives (Softwares)

    The best in my opinion is Paint.net and Xara is also good.

    Next up, create your video.

    This can be in the form of slides, which is why the above programs will help, or you can use standard Microsoft Powerpoint if you want to go that route. The other way is recording your video and for that you can get tons of tips all over the internet on how to produce your own video.

    If you used the slide version, you can load it into a free program that is already present on most XP systems... Windows Movie Maker. So that is a free option, or alternatively you can search for other software that is similar like Camtasia, or Video Spin

    Video Spin: A Better Video Editor Than Windows Movie Maker That’s Free & Supports YouTube

    To do the audio you can do it separately on a different software like cooledit pro, or any free alternative voice recording software.

    Then just add it into the video editing and then save it, compress it and you are done
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