Would you buy a dirt cheap massive PLR package(100,000 articles +ebooks) for $5?

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You see these massive bundles of PLR, which can include 100,000 ebooks and articles on sale for prices as cheap as $5-$10. Are these safe to buy? Are there there any concerns about usage rights and copyrights etc. Would you buy one of these huge packages? Why are these so cheap, and where do they come from?

Any views on this?
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    You can almost guarantee that they're full of scraped content, badly written and they've been around the block hundreds, if not thousands, of times.

    You may still be able to get a good find or two in there but I always look for quality not quantity and I always buy from someone that I trust.
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    It will all be "scraped" content, taken illegally from article directories minus the author resource boxes. Use it your peril; you and your web hosts will probably end up receiving multiple DCMA takedown notices.
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    Do not purchase this, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

    Quality over Quantity.

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    There'll be no way to tell whether the seller had resell rights or not or what rights convey to you. In addition, these bundles tend to have been distributed all over for years and are very saturated. Most I've seen are also very poor quality writing.
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    Would I buy it? Sure, I've got a little extra hard drive space that I need filler for.
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    Thanks for the replies. I think it'll be more likely to be scraped content if it's articles rather than ebooks. And if it's scraped from an article directory, you will be able to check if you run it through copyscape. If it's PLR it should appear on lots of sites not just article directories. ebooks, will be less likely to scraped from article directories, than articles, so just use the ebooks.

    The rights of use is problem, normally the rights come with the package, and you're are able to see what rights you get, if you can't see them don't use it. With PLR you should have the right to change the content.

    Before using any put it through copyscape to see how saturated it is. I got some free PLR books as gift for an opt in, and the quality was surprisingly good! But the content was quite saturated, appearing on lots of sites, when I did a search in google.

    There's also the risk of downloading a virus bundled in as well! So you have to very careful if you do it.
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      Originally Posted by madison_avenue View Post

      In a huge download, even if 90% are rubbish, there could still be a few old but decent ebooks And by doing a few checks like using copyscape you might be able to get some value from it.

      There's also the risk of downloading a virus bundled in as well! So you have to very careful if you do it.
      You might get something from it, I suppose ... given enough work, and care over it.

      Call me a skepchick, but for myself, I almost certainly wouldn't be willing to use any of it anyway, so I'd definitely pass. The tiny potential benefit is all too remote and too risky for me.
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        As the others already said: Do not buy that crap. Except you do pitch black hat marketing ;-)
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          Let's put it this way - I wouldn't touch it with your ten foot pole...
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    I'm usually a sucker for plr - as I tend to use it for what plr its actual intended use: which is inspiration.

    Most people I know use the plr and only make minor changes (mostly the cover of an ebook) then try to pass it off as their own work.

    I would usually take the whole thing apart and use it for inspiration while creating new content or for a new product I am working on at the time. So initially this would not bother me.

    Now with that being said - I agree with everyone else that you should stay away from it. Like Alexia mentioned earlier - You do run the risk of catching some sort of virus with these type of packages.

    I use to see these type of packages when I sold on EBAY - and currently we are seeing multiple sellers sell this junk on fiverr.

    - Martin
    How Can I help...
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    I wouldnt bother. There are safer ways to get more high quality content. E.g You can easily use Dragon Naturally Speaking to rewrite an article to 100% uniqueness on 10-15 mins of you are good at it.
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    I've bought and sold lots of wholesale PLR. Look at it this way. The majority of it is iffy. If you were to buy 100 titles from the most reputable source, maybe 10 of them would be decent. Why?

    Read this board for some insight. Lots of people that get into IM are chomping at the bit to create their own product. You see them here all the time.

    Many of these folks don't know a toe from a tow truck. But they go ahead and create that product anyway. And it bombs because it sucks. To salvage an unpleasant experience they sell it with PLR and it gets picked up by the wholesalers and bundled into massive packages.

    The bigger the package, the longer it takes to sift through all the junk included. Still, if it comes from a reputable seller it might be worth the time it takes because there will be some good stuff in there.

    I won't comment on the rights that come with the bundle you're considering. I once bought a deal on eBay similar to the one you described. It was loaded with stuff the seller had no rights to sell. I just junked the whole thing. But more often than not, at least in my experience, the stuff I buy is okay as far as the license goes. Good luck.
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      yes, I bought one of those packages once. Way to throw away money!

      totally rubbish...but I did get one thing from it, and that is the lesson not to buy something that seems too good to be true.

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      It's like storage wars. You buy hoping there might be something good among the probable heap of garbage you just bought.

      You can buy quality PLR packets for $5, you won't get 100,000 articles and ebooks but you won't waste time sorting through 100,000 items for maybe a few things you can use--if any.
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    Originally Posted by madison_avenue View Post


    Why are these so cheap, and where do they come from?
    55 Tons of Beef for 5 bucks! Hurry!!

    You already know what what you will be getting.
    Don´t waste your time, or the fiverr.

    Free action plan : Think less. Do more.

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    Not sure why you think the ebooks would be less likely to be lifted than the articles. They aren't any harder for the average thief to get their hands on. There are free ebooks all over the net that still have copyright, they are just free to read. I'm sure if you hunt through that package, you will find thousands of them.

    If you are looking for a cheap and simple way to ruin your reputation online, start handing out ebooks someone else wrote without rights to do so. Sooner or later someone will recognize something and word about thieves spreads fast in marketing communities. Just because you won't see posts naming them, doesn't mean that people aren't talking behind the scenes.

    When the Roads and Paths end, learn to guide yourself through the wilderness
    Beyond the Path

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    $5 is ridiculously low for so much stuff. I think it is more than fair to be more than a little suspicious of such a deal. While many say that you can't lose by paying $5, I would respectfully disagree. Your website could get into a lot of trouble for using this content.

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