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Having a popular company in a domain name, will be a copyright issue? for an example niketshirts.co.uk or yahooseorank.co.uk or etc....?

Thanks for your advice in advance warriors
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    There's a pretty useful search function at the top right of the forum page. If you search 'copyright question', you'll find your answers and not clog the forum with yet another copyright thread.

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    If you search for 'trademark' and domains you will find even more relevant threads, since this is a trademark issue.

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      yes, that can be a problem. If the name owner want your domain, he can sue you.
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      You should write the All In One Questions Answered thread about domains names, trademarks and copyrights so we can have it be sticky! PLEASE!!!

      Make sure to include your disclaimer as I'm sure you wouldn't anyways. hehe

      Originally Posted by kindsvater View Post

      If you search for 'trademark' and domains you will find even more relevant threads, since this is a trademark issue.

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    Probably not worth the risk... Facebook has been known to claim domains from owners of sites containing 'facebook' in the domain. They may never discover your site... but imagine if they do... and you lose your business over night! Not worth the risk! In my opinion

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      Deja' vu all over again :p
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    As others have indicated you're thinking of trademark, not copyright. Copyright is content, trademark is brand/name.

    To copy my response in another thread: "While it may not be "illegal" in terms of criminal law, if you have a trademark-infringing domain that was registered in bad faith and you're acting in bad faith with it, besides having the domain taken away from you through UDRP (domain dispute), you can be sued for up to $100,000 per infringing domain. Facebook is currently suing 25 entities in this way right now and they've won some of these lawsuits in the past, as have some other major companies.

    So yea - you can own it and use it, until it gets taken away via UDRP and/or you get sued for $100,000. Is it really worth that trouble?
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