What Should I Do With This Domain Name?

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I have a domain name that I am not using called Jebler.com and I really want to put something on it that will make me money without having to work on it often. What can I put on it? What would be a good thing to do with it? Something that will make me at least $50 a month will be nice.

Should I use it as a main site to promote ClickBank products and promote a new product on a different subdomain of it?

I really need your help for this. Thank you!
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    There is really no straight shot answer to your question -

    With a domain, the world is yours for the taking...

    The domain name is pretty catchy, but does it lend itself well for Clickbank products?

    Sounds to me like it would be a blog with some cool pics or videos, like interesting stuff you stumbled on and monetized with Adsense or CPA.

    Plus, since you said you don't want to work on it often, pics and videos would be less time consuming.

    Just an idea...
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    It sounds like a brandable domain. If it actually was, you could sell it for $1,000 or more on BrandBucket or Nemeas.

    There are a couple of things that an astute buyer would notice about it's brandability though. The J can be mistaken for a G when passed by word of mouth. The e also needs to be especially enunciated to pass it virally.

    It would probably still sell on BrandBucket. It would just take longer. $1,000 is 20 months of $50 per month.

    If you keep it, you should try to go big. Brandable domains aren't there for making $50 per month. They exist to make $5,000,000 per month.
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    I agree it does sound like a brandable name, you could fetch a few thousand dollars (with the right buyer) or maybe just even a few hundred bucks!

    If you plan on using it as passive income there isnt really a quick way, people will tell you there is but it requires work to secure a passive income.

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    Yeah that's a cool catchy name. I would shoot for more than the $50 per month as suggested. I don't know anything about selling brandable specific domains, but the name seems pretty catchy that at the least you could make a sweet looking blog that should generate income once monetized. Put a little work in up front, prepare some drop feed content, video and images to keep it fresh. Allowing drip fed content will help you keep the work load minimal.
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    I can't think of any specific niche you could target with a domain name like that, so as far as I am concerned, you should look beyond affiliate marketing. As somebody suggested, the best thing to do is probably to get as much traffic (by putting cool content on your site... whatever you think goes well with the name) and then monetize it with ads.

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    Hey guys. Thanks for all the answers. I like the ideas. Based on them, my plan would be to make an entertainment blog with funny videos, pictures, etc and just add content and allow guest posts. It's main source of income would be Adsense ads and after it ages and it's rankings go up, I could sell it for more than a few thousand dollars.

    But does anyone have any alternatives to this?
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    Make a video site with it..But a video site with a niche in mind.. e.g videos on online marketing, or videos for poker players etc.
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    I like the domain name, but as a brandable domain. I don't think of it as an affiliate marketing, IM, Clickbank type of domain. Should be something either fun or interesting built on it.
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    So I should brand it. I guess I should build it up a bit and try to make some money and then if it doesn't make a satisfying amount per month I will sell it. But I will always keep a section on it for buying the domain name so that people know they can get it.
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