J-Mo and Frank Kern are doing it!

by Dennis Cheesman 13 replies
Doing videos that is...

I have avoided the whole video thing due to my Texas slang and wee bit shyness :0

But I know I have to evolve with the times but I am totally clueless to what to do and what to use?

Any good report or recommendations?

I just love the way J-Mo and Frank Kern use video they are complete geniuses when it comes to this..

I am kind of a shy guy so this would be a major step for me

I sometimes wish I had the personality like these guys cause I know I would be dangerous, well I am if I had a couple of drinks

I appreciate your help..

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    Sign up to J-MO's Easy Video Sales, tons of great content on profiting from videos in there... even stuff on personality.
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    The best place to learn how to capture and edit your videos is YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

    I recommend you download the free trial of Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum from sony (do a google search)...

    Then go to youtube and search "Sony Vegas Tutorial" you will find many many.

    Watch a few of the tutorials from this guy:

    YouTube - guerillabill's Channel

    If you want to learn more from him go join his site Bill Myers Online

    Its only $10 or so a month and its better than 99% of the would be "video on the web" courses out there.

    The best part about the suggestions above is it wont cost you much and you'll learn what's important in more simple bites.

    Then once you get some experience under your belt you may want to check out some of my own stuff as well ;-)
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      Thanks for the replies..

      Man Josh, I see you are all about video I will certainly check em out..

      I may have to hire someone or put a disclosure before the video starts as I don't video to well

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      Josh those are some great resources. Here's another resource I found useful:

      How To Make YouTube Videos Look Great

      Alexander Alaric - social media updates. Seeing a test and good results from Fap Turbo.

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        What's preventing me from doing video is my age. Recently, I've been very upfront with my customers about my age and they're very understanding because they feel my quality speaks for itself and justifies my higher rates.

        I like the J Mo live support webcam - I'm thinking of doing something like that.

        I'm really excited because in the next few day's I'll be marketing a product that targets teenagers....so I can't wait to grab a few friends and start pounding out video's of us having fun with the product / service and then plugging it.

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    Hiya Dennis,

    Don't be shy! And don't worry about your "Texas Twang" either! Like Nike says, "Just Do It". There are about a gazillion resources out there for tips and tricks but the best way to learn is just grab a camcorder if you have one and go to town.

    I have found the key is learning to edit the video. You would not believe the things you can do with some practice and a good editing software program. I use Pinnacle Studio 11 and have used it for years. I started out shooting wedding vids about 5 or 6 years ago and Pinnacle was top dog back then. I know there are alot of other ones out there now but can only tell you about my exp with Pinnacle. The new version 11 even offers you the ability to do "green screen" which is pretty cool.

    As far as shooting your video just write out a script or even just a set of note cards with what you want to say, set up a tripod and some lighting, and hit the record button. If a camcorder is not available or out of your price range a good web cam like Logitech Quick Cam Orbit AV or the Vision Pro will suffice. I have even seen people who make vids using their cell phones. It's really not hard and tons of fun.

    Just Do It!
    Good Luck!

    Newbies, need help with the "nuts & bolts" of Internet Marketing?
    Free one on one help for all my subscribers. Sign up at:
    I Love Working On The Web.com

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      Hi Mike,

      I have a camcorder, but I thought you had to have something like a web cam or something..

      My wife does the videos and she does the photo to video thingy and is really good at it...

      So I guess I can just use a camcorder and edit it with the software she useses..

      I am glad I started this thread, now I just need to kick my butt into gear and try it

      Who knows I may get as good as J-Mo and his spit bubble video

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        I'll be waiting for that video.

        I expect it no later than tomorrow.
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        You there should be proud of that Texas thang you got going on there boy.....

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    Originally Posted by Dennis Cheesman View Post

    Doing videos that is...

    I have avoided the whole video thing due to my Texas slang and wee bit shyness :0

    Hey Dennis,

    Here are a few things to consider...

    Alot of marketers use the twang to their advantage and brand themselves as such "ie..texas marketer, coming soon...a texas twang video, etc" and completely blunt about it and build on it.

    As for the second half of your quote above, when I am shooting shy people, I just let them know that most the people who you are conveying your message to are more than likely worried, shy or self-conscious to a point about what others think of them as you are towards the person you're conveying your message to. So you don't really have much to worry about because if everone is worried, shy or self-conscious... then it's a vicious circle, so you might as well be the one to break the circle and get on with it

    One more thing...consider an alternative style that is very compelling which is talking off camera like a documentary/promo piece. In video, we call it an "off camera interview" or "piece to camera" and goes completely underneath the salesy BS radar. You can go to promosamples and click play on the first example to see what I'm referring to or go to http://www.streamingmediaconcepts.com/usd/index.html and scroll forward to 3:11-3:45 and you'll see different ways of doing it. This is one of the main styles we use when I am shooting promo videos with other companies in San Diego and have done so for many years, always with great results.

    Hopefully this will give you some more ammunition for you to progress with, as there's been some great feedback in this thread so far for you to take massive action!

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      Josh those are some great resources. Here's another resource I found useful:

      How To Make YouTube Videos Look Great
      Those guys spent a lot of time trying to figure it out and some of the things they share kindof work but...

      They Got it All Wrong!

      Also many of their suggestions were made during the last couple years before many updates and changes at youtube the most important of which is the 480x360 display YT now uses. It used to be smaller.

      Just compare any of their examples to my own: Optimize Youtube Video - Optimize Streaming Video - Optimize Web Video

      And I do not use a single strategy that they suggest... not one!

      If you only get the 480x360 and high quality master part right you will get better quality in youtube than those guys ever did ;-)
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        its not that hard to optimize videos, there are tons of free guides on the net on how you can optimize youtube videos.
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          "its not that hard to optimize videos, there are tons of free guides on the net on how you can optimize youtube videos."
          Yep and all of them don't teach it right ;-)
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