[Newbies] Jolly Ranchers or Bazooka Gum?

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Hi Warrior Friends!

I joined the WF back in 2010 and I remember coming in here like a kid in a Candy Store! 1000's of selections... goodies as far as the eyes could see.

I started taking and buying and eating up all different types of WSO's and products. My wallet is empty, my computer full of information, and now I have a tummy ache from too many goodies and not knowing what to do with any of these items I have cluttering up my computer.

Here is the moral to the story:
* Slow down and take small bites.
* Know your passion and interests.
* Pick resources that will help you turn your passion into profit.
* Stop chasing all the candy, just because it's right in front of you. You will continue to chase after the next best business, product, software, but never use any of them to their full potential, because you are moving on to the next shiney and tasty thing.
* Stay focused and remember who you are.
* Have goals in place.

Too much candy tastes great at first, but ends up causing a belly-ache.
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    Aye, it's so easy to fall into the trap of buying too many WSO's. Not that there bad or anything but the amount of time that it takes to go through them properly and digest the info can take away from your own time growing your business!!

    Always good to have a plan and stick to it! Keep on top of your time management and keep reviewing and setting new goals.

    I was very guilty of spending waaay too much time playing with WSO's and not doing enough of my own work. I guess balance is needed in everything in life....
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    Good short points for newbies on gaining success!
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