Creative designs. What should I charge?

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Around this time last year I started my own design business and I have been kept really busy doing work for some agencies but mainly for entertainers around the world as I specialize in cartoon and creative logos and flash animation.

I want to now try and get in with more advertising and marketing agencies and wondered if anyone has any advice on what you think I should be charging for my work. You can see examples of what I do on my website or look on my Facebook link to the left here


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    Your animations and logos are amazing quality which should be selling in around $20 - $50!

    Hope this helps, 3xpert777
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    Great portfolio mate
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    You do nice work so make sure you charge appropriately. If you want to do work for ad agencies and the like then don't sell yourself short. Remember that often times people will associate price with quality/value so don't be afraid to charge what you really think you are worth.

    Quality work deserves quality pricing.

    On a side note, if you were looking to make some more money then I think you could do quite well by offering your mascot design services in the services section of this forum. It would be a great way to build up your portfolio whilst still bringing in some money.
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    Can design T Shirts as well? I'm looking to have a couple of designs drawn up.
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    If these are all custom designs (REALLY original) you have two sales channels:

    One - Market your stuff online for a smaller fee ( and for warriors, etc etc.
    Two - Create a different site for agencies ( with higher fees, different positioning and approach.

    Otherwise, you'll be losing money both ways.

    You definitely have market here at the forum (low cost) and in real world (high paying projects). You just need to differentiate them and be brutally honest about it. Send some teasings to your 10-20 agencies, printed obviously, and see what happens. But please, don't send emails. Oh since you can do some really cool flash animations, send one in a CD or Pen.

    How much do you charge for a 30 seconds animation, just like this one from Google?

    People make good money selling to the rich. But the rich got rich selling to the masses.
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    Scott, you need to scale down the images on your portfolio page so the images load faster (and your host doesn't get upset). You're loading resized (but full-size) images instead of showing low-res images that link to larger ones.

    As for price, I can't see work of such quality being sold for less than $100-$200/hr USD. Illustrations might cost less, but the animations are world class. Those are the types of animations that are seen on television and NickJr/Disney websites.

    If you're really curious, call up a major, local animation studio and find out their rates.

    EDIT: I completely agree with Fernando's comments above except I wouldn't bother with the Warrior Forum. You'll never tap your true value here (sadly enough). Warriors are accustomed to $20 logos and animations. Your talent is worth WAY more than that.

    I would recommend rebuilding your website with a focus on the animation. I would go with a cleaner, more professional style. You can easily find pre-made, portfolio-based themes at ThemeForest.

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    Charge them the rate you want but be reasonable. Take into consideration the time you are spending and the effort you are doing.
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  • I'm with Perez. Your talents would only be wasted here - most dwellers of this forum are bottom feeders and cheapskates (sad, but true) and talents such as yours belong out in the big wide world, and getting big bucks.

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    Scott this is quality work.. As far as pricing , if you're promoting here in wf like a few of the guys said up top ^^ you will have to settle for probably around $20-$49 but i can see how your work can easily sell elsewhere closer to the $100 range.

    THis is really on you, if you feel that you are making a good enough profit at $30 or whatever, than you could sell on here for those type of prices and still sell outside of here for more..

    Whether people in here are bottom feeders or not 1 thing i've learned in business is sometimes you gotta do that, for instance i owned a car dealer in miami and i would sell retail but than i had a few wholesalers that would sometimes buy from me and the difference between retail and selling to the wholesalers would normally about (Average $800 profit retail, Average $100-$200 profit to wholesalers) but atleast it always kept my inventory moving.

    Let me know what you think about that.
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