A common trend on product costs

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Nearly all the products in the $100 range sell for exactly $97.
Is this a number proven to convert?

And there are aussies everywhere in this forum.
What do they put in the water in Australia to make people entrepreneurial.
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    It's very common for products around here for a product price to end in 7 ($17, $37). It's a psychological thing. It seems much less scary than that next decade plateau.

    Example: $27 seems much less expensive than $30. Even though it's really only $3, it seems like a bigger deal. Someone might be thinking, I don't want to spend $30 on a guide. Well, $27 isn't $30. It's less.
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    Yes 97 bucks is proven to work better than 99.95 for some reason and as Officer_iron said I think its because of the seven.
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    Yes..Psychological pricing
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    $97 Convert's well You can check that with an Astrologer
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    Funny how things work when its only $3 off from 100 but it's been proven to convert!
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    Yeah, people believe that they are such winners to get such great deals as 97$!!! and not 100.. Reminds me something similar to that.. SALES. Yeah people get such rush when they have the 100+ get 2 for half price products. They feel like such winners..

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    The number 7 seems to be a magic number. Applies to a big mass in the western society. 7 is closer to 5, so people also unconsciously get triggered. It's proven to work.
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