HOW to Find a HIGH LEVEL Mastermind Group?

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Looking for a HIGH LEVEL Mastermind Group of successful entrepreneurs. Either locally or remotely. BUt my experience remotes is they are usually too "noisy" and difficult to egt tu the Clutter. Most recently joined a Skype group but again mostly a lot of superficial noise. Would be grate to find one in Boston area.
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    High level mastermind group is different for everyone. By high level what do you mean?

    Network and find a way into mastermind groups. On Facebook, LinkedIn, go to industry events/conferences/seminars.

    I'm in a local mastermind affiliate group and also in skype groups and facebook groups
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      Have you considered forming your own group? That way you can pick the winners

      Mastermind Groups Platform .. .. public beta, partners wanted

      a social network w/ Coaching / Projects / Goals / Habits / Crowdfunding / Team Building / Alt.Payments

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    Have you looked at facebook groups?
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      Originally Posted by mjcole76 View Post

      Have you looked at facebook groups?
      He said high level.

      Originally Posted by nofearman View Post

      Looking for a HIGH LEVEL Mastermind Group of successful entrepreneurs.
      If you don't create this yourself, then it will be nothing but noise.

      I'm a successful entrepreneur and I'm not going to tell you jack s...
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    A high-level mastermind group is comprised of people doing well online. And do you know what these people don't have? Time and patience. They don't mind exchanging ideas, as long as it doesn't take up much time and if it benefits them, too.

    So if you're a newcomer, it's difficult to please them. One way I found this to work is to be honest about being a newbie and that you're eager to learn, and also that you offer to help them three times for each time they help you.

    With this approach, you might hit a soft button in them which reminds them of how they once started, and by offering to help them more than they help you, you show them that you're offering as much as you can in return, even if now it's not much.

    Also, don't be obnoxious. If they don't reply to your email/message in a day, just wait - they're the one doing you a favor.
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