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Hey there, I would like to have a quick opinion. When you land up on a ecom store.

Do you like properly categorize store according to brand or a store which has mixed brand products.

For example If you type wireless speakers and you land up on a site would you like it to see a categorized site according to brands or a site with mixed brands.

Please answer after stepping into customer's shoes.
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    I find,, are good ecom sites. These are good sites to be considered as role models for a new ecom store. This is my suggestion.
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    Mixed brands for me with the speakers in some other sort of categorization such as surround sound, 2 speaker sets, 4 speaker sets etc.
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    Mixed brands is okay to me, but prefer categorize to brands.

    Try check out eBay, you can learn something there I think.
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    All the big ones that are mentioned up, but be careful even does have some scams on them.
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    Yes, people want to see things as categorized when they hit sites, but some services just do wayyyy too many different types of categories, so watch out for that. There's a fine balance. Do enough to make the shopping experience comfortable, but occasionally pick a few products out and just put them in there as featured products to mix things up.
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    Mixed brands! I want to compare different brands when purchasing new headphones for example. First, search for a price class and then see which quality and specs I want the product to have, and yes, positive reviews do the trick as well.
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