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Hello Fellow Warriors,

I'm in the process of launching an article writing service site. I'm putting an optin form in my sidebar as well as at the end of each page and on the About Us page as well.

To entice people to subscribe, I'm giving a free report away. Since this is a service site, it's been hard coming up with report ideas. I came up with, "How to Make Money Article Marketing." My table of contents is below:

How to Make Money Article Marketing
Table of Contents
Introduction to Our Services
The Importance of Quality Website Content
What Duplicate Content Means
Benefits of Article Marketing
Article Marketing for Backlinks or Traffic
Choosing the Right Article Topics
Submitting to the Best Directories
Getting The Most From Your Articles
Seeing The Results You Deserve

Just a few questions.
1. Am I on the right track with the topic of the report?
2. Does the table of contents look ok?
3. How long should the report be?

Any suggestions or feedback would be appreciated! Thanks!
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