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Hello Warriors,

A few days ago (Friday 13.) Adsense banned me for no reason. I made around €4k a month.

I was so messed up but I realized I won't make any money if im sitting in my ass and doing nothing but swearing adsense, so I started a few new businesses and I think I'm going to get in the right way again. (Richard Van, you may get your beer! )

I don't want to lose my "old" big earner so as an Adsense alternative, I put Adbrite ads to my website, and I have a few questions.

- When will they show ads on my site? There is only a "Your Ad Here" advertisement in my ad block. (I only get full-page CPM ads yet, this makes a few bucks a day but I need CPC text ads, which will make real revenue.)

- What is the average CPC with Adbrite?

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    Not sure but I do know that they have quite a few tech related sites in their que so if this is the niche you are in then it shouldn't be a problem to gain revenue from adbrite.

    Do you want to make successes or excuses? Success? Alright then... See what's in store for you....
    - The AC Assassin

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    Banned as you for no reason as competitor clickbombed me.It is really a shame there is not a real competitor to AdWords/AdSense.I can live with their bad user interface but their ad inventory is pathetic.
    So far tried Bidvertiser and Kontera.
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    I'm not in the tech niche, xfairguy can you tell me more about Bidvertiser and Kontera?
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      Clickbank has text ads that look similar to Adsense ads. You can try those. You only earn money if someone actually clicks through and buys the product, so you're not getting paid per click like with Adsense, but the ads do look similar, so they may fit into the existing look of your site.
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    I have been with adbrite for a while.

    I signed up around 6 months ago, their ad use to dispay within 24 hour.

    Few days ago, I added another site, their ad never displayed based on what I read they take longer to review the site, and before you get a hit from adbrite, your ads will probably not start running.

    I am cutting them off and move to bidvertiser, chitika

    Bidvertiser pays per click only and so far it sucks for me, their ads are not related so don't expect much of clicks. I have a website for micro jobs, and they displaying ads for electricity company in texas (I don't live in texas or even near by) ?!

    Chitika is not bad but I hate that their ad has yellow colors, which make bidvertiser ad looks better (Chitika pays per click and impressions just like adsense). Beside Chitika has golden level that might give you better targeted ads
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