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Hi folks.

This may seem like a stupid question. I am a newbie. I want to create a video, offer it in exchange for an optin signup. My question is, what is the best method or sofware to use to create (record) a video and secondly, what is the best method for hosting and delivery of a video ? I presume I would there is some type of system out there that once the user goes to my splash page, and optins for the video, the system will automicatlly direct the user to the video. Any help would be greatly appreicated.
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    What you are talking about is called a squeeze page. there are lots of free templates out there for these.
    To create your video there are various free ways of doing this depending on what you want to achieve.
    The simplest way is to create a Power Point -use open office which is free, then record this using Jing or screenr which are both free.
    Jing free can only save to swf so you can either host it on screencast (for free) or Youtube built this is not very secure
    Taking things a step further you can use camtasia which is much more flexible (but costs money and there is a learning curve)
    use Wordpress to host your site and videos as there is no coding to worry about and you can get lots of free themes.
    Hope this helps
    if you want more detailed help let me know
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      You have to tell us what type of video you want to make. There is a list to help you on the video page of my SEO site (in signature). Then come back here and tell us what type of video you want to make. That is part of what determines the software to use.
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        i should of mentioned that I am looking to basically do a screen capture video with my voice. I appreciate a recommendation.. thanks
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        Also, I am looking for the best method or way to delivery the video. thanks
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    Camstudio is free, but Camtasia is better. I think you can download a free 30 day trial of Camtasia if you want to compare the two of them.

    Again, delivery depends on your budget and what you are trying to achieve. YouTube is free, great and well known. EasyVideoPlayer is not free, but gives great flexibility over layout etc, plus alot of functionality aimed at marketers. It's worth taking a look at the EVP website to see if you need the functionality and features that it offers; if not, stick with YouTube.
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      If its screen capture you want to do then you can use Jing or screenr which are free but limit you to the length of video you can record. they are both simple to use and offer free hosting.
      To do it properly you should invest in camtasia. If you do a search you can get an OEM version of camtasia for around $70
      you can get Jing pro for $14.99 a year that allows you to save to mp4 but you can only record up to 15 mins and again you can use the free hosting at screencast.com
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        Hi there
        I have sent you a pm with the user name and password to my membership site that shows you everything you need to know
        Let me know how you get on
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    There are two types of videos you can do - a talking head video or a screen capture video. If you are comfortable talking to the camera, then you can do the former. If you'd rather just present something on screen, then do what others have already said, record your powerpoint presentation as you narrate, the best software for this is camtasia studio on Windows, or screenflow on the Mac. You can also choose to do both. Maybe talking head intro then screen capture, then talking head outro.

    Please read the forum rules.

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      The main difference between CamStudio and Camtasia is that Camtasia has editing capabilities. CamStudio is very good for capture. You can edit in VirtualDub (if you can open the file,if not see the next part)
      I usually suggest people learn Avisynth and use the FFMpeg plugin and AvsP (a graphical interface), but while these are all free there is a time commitment in learing how to use them.
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    You say you're looking for screen capture.. I do this with Camtasia and i love it but it's like $300, but you can always get Jing the free version and pretty much do it as well.

    As far as how to provide these squeeze pages, i think Optimized press is awesome!
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