How to market a national charity institute globally?

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Hi all,

I am working with a charity institute based in Canada.
My question is, how do I make the institute popular beyond Canada?

They have a website, a support forum, am working on making a fanpage for them and soon will be doing some Press Releases.

I charge them extremely low prices (Sometimes I bear the costs, as a service to them ), but my target is to get them more and more donations/exposure thru people who are in and out of Canada keeping on a tight budget?

I mean, why would you wanna spend $5,000 to generate $3,000 in donations, that too for a charity institute that has national reach.

Any ideas will be helpful.
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    Advertisement in Newspapers, Magazine, TV, Posters, Facebook,white page, Yalow pages,and others
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    You can do what I do. Use social media to spread your message viraly.
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