Beta Listeners Wanted For Audio Course

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Okay, So today I wanted to see how fast I could create a product. What I created was a quick audio course. Nothing fancy, nothing too complicated. I even designed a page for it. Total project time. 1.75 hours. I plan on using this audio course as a bonus. I was going for an hour, but my wife came home.

If anyone wants the link to my course, let me know. I always welcome POSITIVE feedback. Just PM me, and I will send you the link.

Hey why not? It's free. . . and some of it is amusing.
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    Only positive feedback?

    I'd be happy to listen, but can't guarantee positive feed back

    I've been meaning to do audio, but hard to find a good set up. Bought a nice headset, but sure didn't work well for me.
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      yea ill listen too but im a prety mean dude, so no guarantee on the positive only feedback... haha
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      I have not added some material yet. Obvious reasons as to why. . . BUT this will give you a good idea. I will PM YOU the link.
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        I own a little recording studio & do get paid to use it from time to time. I'd be willing to take a listen...and I'll even try not to be too critical :-)


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          Link me up, I PM'ed you. I also do some home music studio work. Glad to give it a listen/review.
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