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Ok, I first want to say that you guys and gals are great on here, and over the past months I have turned to this forum for answers, and would like to give a big Thank You to all that contributed.

I have noticed recently (not just here) that a lot of people are starting to ask what I call spammy type questions concerning Twitter. How do I make money from twitter? How do I sell stuff to my followers? How do I get them on my list? ect...

I won't go into exactly what I think about this, because I think many of the people asking these types of questions just don't see the big picture yet. They see something in twitter, and they are starting to see that it is a powerful tool, and they want to "get in early and make some money with it"

Ok, I said that I wasn't going to get into that so...

With that being said, there ARE ways to do some of the things in the questions above, and I wanted to share one technique with you that has worked well for me. I have used this technique in the past to increase the size of my email list by more then 200 in a day.

Here is what I did if you would like to do the same.

First and foremost, I didn't try to sell them anything.

Secondly, I didn't try to sell them anything. I also didn't make a lot of tweets that said things like "get your free eBook here".

I created a new relevant email account. (This is optional)

Then, over the next few days, I would make a couple (this means (2)two... don't get greedy) tweets per day similar to this:

"Just purchased the rights to an awesome 2hr audio training about continuity programs and I can give it away! If you would like a copy, shoot me an email:"

At first I would get 2-5 emails every time this went out, so I typed up a reply email and sent it out to everyone that requested it. I was actually sending them some good quality audio trainings that I previously sold for $47 a pop.

This is where it started to take off though. The page I sent them to was the thank you page that my customers went to after they purchased the product. It says something like "thanks for your purchase, and your credit card will show a charge of $47.00 from My Company Name" (this creates instant value, because they are getting something for free that normally sells for $47)

Also in the email, I explained a little more about what they were receiving and let them know that as a bonus they would be subscribed to my newsletter. If they didn't want to be added, just reply and let me know, or they would have the option to unsubscribe in every email.

I explained to them that since I sell this product daily and get good reviews, the only thing I ask is for them to let me know what they thought of it, and ReTweet the following:

"2 hrs of million$ training audios for free! Just email @justinglover for link: Please ReTweet!"

I usually wait a day before I import them into my newsletter. This gives them time to respond if they don't want to be added. (By the way, only 2 people out of hundreds told me that they didn't want to be added, and since then, only 1 person has unsubscribed)

In an attempt to make this post short, Ill skip to my results. I got a ton of email addresses to add to my auto responder, I got a ton of "thank you Justin" emails, I got a ton of ReTweets, I made a ton of new friends, I got a ton of new followers, and all it cost me was the original price of the resale rights.

You can do this with a product of your own, or you can purchase the rights to a product. I have done both, and as long as the content is good, they both work. If you purchase the rights to a product, just make sure you read the agreement, and are permitted to give the product away.

Oh yea, I forgot to mention that on my original thank you page, I have an up sell offer in place, and I made several sales off of it as well.

So, in short Twitter can be used for other reasons, but just remember its main purpose is to meet new people and socialize with them. Be courteous and follow people back who follow you. That's why it's called "social media" and not "solo media". It's not about you!

I hope this helps someone.

Best of luck!
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    ok maybe this was a bad title for this post.... or maybe nobody has an opinion on this post... (yea i doubt thats it)

    oh well, live and learn...

    have a good night!
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    Excuse my ignorance, but I'm still trying to figure out what makes Twitter so popular? It's like the tiny update part of Facebook or Myspace, but minus all fun stuff like photos, videos and music. The Myspace way of having a bunch of friends, but being able to choose those whose updates you want to view makes more sense to me. So I can see when my preferred friends upload a new photo, post a new song etc. Then I still have a lot more contacts whose info I can access quickly.

    That said, my Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Bebo and Hi5 accounts all get updated simltaneously using HelloTxt.
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    Great post. Thanks for the details and results. I'm going to try this.

    Here's a Twitter mistake I notice people making: Some "marketers" are automatically messaging to visit their blogs. Why should I? Not gonna.

    Best Direct Message I ever got: I got a free ebook that gave me a behind the scenes on how an author sold hundreds of thousands of puzzle books. A high value, relevant download for me.
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    Very interesting! Personally, I have a Twitter account but I just get soooo bored with the whole thing. I mean, all you can do is post tiny little messages, and the Search function included with the Twitter interface is rudimentary!

    Yes, there is software which makes for a nicer Twitter experience - but still...
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      The Tweets are a small part of the concept really, its the groups you join and pages you make on those groups that get the attention from others and get you the following.

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      Website Design - Business Logos - Posters - Ads
      and More!

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    I have used Twitter very successfully but I still don't really understand the hype either... I agree with Glenn72 completely.

    It simply can't compete with sites like FB and Myspace, where the 'mini-status updates' are just one of MANY viral channels.

    If Twitter doesn't evolve I don't think it can sustain itself in the future. It's very much a cultural/social trend/novelty, much like beepers or pagers of the 90's. Except now instead of a beeper you get an APP on your cell phone (or use the website) that lets you send and receive short txts instead of receiving just numbers. You see, as soon as there was something affordable that could do MORE than a beeper/page, they fell off. Well in this case, price is no issue, and neither is falling off completely. I imagine no matter what happens from now on there will always at least a few people using Twitter, it just won't be HUGE like it once was...

    Think about like, say... StumbleUpon. I think Google? bought it in like 2005-06 for like $130 million or something absolutely ridiculous....thinking it had this huge potential as 'social media'. And it does/did, kind of.... But what StumbleUpon offers is just another portal really, and just like Twitter, it offers (although unique) only a fraction of the features that can be found at other, more all-encompassing sites like FB and Myspace.

    So my point is this:

    Is Twitter worthless? No. And it likely will never be completely worthless, as at least a few purists/twits will continue to use it til the day they die. But that doesn't mean anybody else will be using it then.

    All I am saying, is that with over 150 Million active users on FB, like 130 on Myspace, and NOW the YAHOO API(400 million active users!!!!!!!) being opened up, why on earth would you focus your efforts on TWITTER?

    Honestly, how many active users total do you think Twitter even has? I assure you it's not even CLOSE to 150 million actives. It's probably not even 50 million... probably not even close.

    And then, as Glenn72 mentioned, there are also TONS of software/web apps out there that will update ALL your profiles/statuses simulataneousy. If you're going to use Twitter, do it this way.

    So I guess what I'm saying, is if you're just getting started with Twitter, USE IT, but don't FOCUS ON IT!

    Simply implement it into what you are already doing by creating an account and automating your status updates in one fell swoop. If you are already using Twitter to successfully drive hella traffic, then keep doing what you're doing.... just don't expect it to last forever...
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