I have a little dilemma: Where would you place that content?

by sam770
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I wrote really good original content that focus on "how to get rid of X" (X is the keyword I am focusing on).

I have 2 options:

A) place this content under one of my current domains that is about 1 years old with lots of content and has about 60 quality backlinks reffering to the main domain

B) place this content under a brand new site that has the keyword in the domain...

My goal is to rank high on google for that keyword, then monetize the incoming traffic through adsense and affiliate links.

The advantage of option A - the site already enjoy good reputation by google + quality backlinks to the main domain, the disadvantage is that generally the site is not so relevant to the new keyword I am trying to get a high ranking for.

The advantage of option B - the entire site will be ultra focused on the new keyword I am trying to target, and also the keyword is included in the domain name, the disadvantage is that it's a new site with no reputation at all

What would you do if you were in my shoes?

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    Why don't you place it on both?..

    I mean you can post it on site "A" then rewrite it and post the new version on site "B".
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    place it in your keyword rich domain then do some baclinkng to get your site ranked and index.

    if the content is about what the keyword in the domain is it will be more relevant than your older site.

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    I agree with posting it on both sites.

    1. I'd post the main article on the domain with the keyword in it
    2. Do a rewrite and post on the site with the back links
    3. Give the new site a back link from the trusted site

    Hope that helps.

    David Hawke
    Local Marketer Marketing Velocity

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    duplicate content will be no issue. you can easily use on both.
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    Guys, thanks a lot for the replies!
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