promote one product vs several?

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Hey guys!

I'm a real newbie. I'm working on first website and I could really use some help!

What's more profitable:

1. focus the whole website around one product


2. offer reviews for several products.

I fear with option 2 that it will make people more indecisive and therefore not choose any product at all or they will look for more reviews on other sites.

thanks in advance,
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    Hi David,

    Its more profitable to base the website around one "Niche" topic rather than a product....and offer a number of good quality products.

    If you base a website on a product...and that product becomes lose your business.

    Remember promoting a product is not a business model that is long term and sustainable...

    Also....only offer products that you truly believe in and use yourself....its easier for you to review and you won't offer crap....thats important.

    Hope this helps,

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    I suggest to get into a niche that you are interested in and that you know has money in it! Than from there you build a blog and make reviews on products.

    Each blog post is a review and than it will be focused enough to make a sale!

    Best of luck to you! great job getting started!
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    This greatly depends on what your selling and the site you have.

    For instance, if your website were: You could sell several, do a review on a few and give a link to click through and buy the one you're reviewing.

    On the other hand, if your website were about an ebook that assured gardeners how to grow the world's best tomato's, then I would recommend having the whole site dedicated to just that one product.

    Also something to keep in mind is Google really seems to like review sites.

    As for your specific question what is more profitable? Either could be very profitable, do you have a plan for driving traffic?

    I hope that makes sense. If not shoot me an email. I'll be glad to help you out.

    David Hawke
    Local Marketer Marketing Velocity

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    Agree with @wfhblueprints - focus on a specific topic, do not base your website around one/two products. Find a topic and try to give your readers information pertaining to your chosen topic - provide articles, videos, report within that topic to give your audience problem-solving information. Within this information you can then throw in recommendations to specific product/s which you will promote with an affiliate link.
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    People always check other sites for maybe to find more attractive prices or offers. So if you are going to worry about that, just focus on making your site as attractive as possible.You need to concentrate on one niche an offer a wide range of different products from the same niche, focusing on one product will resolve in what you are afraid off- people will go somewhere else to check other offers and will find themselves choosing from a wider range of products maybe buying something similar.
    Good Luck!

    Yulia borova
    Affiliate Manager | CPA Affiliates Network.
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    thanks everyone for your help and advice!
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