What's best word count for solo email

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I like to ask what's your oppinion about the size of a solo email.

I'm in the process to have created a solo to send
to someone else list to get people to subscribe to my list.

I'm offering a free report in a squeeze page in exchange for their emails.

Thank's for your help.

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    I'm not trying to pick on you specifically, but you are doing something I see a lot of people doing. You are looking for some kind of magic, exact formula for something that has no magic, exact formula.

    You have one objective with a solo ad - get the click.

    Your email should be however long it takes to arouse curiosity and tease a benefit. Not one word longer or shorter.

    Look at the list your ad will be sent to. What ultimate benefit are they trying to achieve? How does what you are offering in exchange for their email help them achieve that? Get that message across and tell them where to go to get it.

    Don't try to over-complicate things.
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      Thank's everybody for your EXCELENTE help.

      The reason why I've asked your oppinion is because I'm going
      to have some writer to write it for me.

      As english are not my first language I'm not feeling confident to do it myself,
      and this is my first time ordering a solo email and I was not sure.

      I really appreciate all your help,Thank's

      [QUOTE=Don't try to over-complicate things.[/QUOTE]

      JohnMcCabe (Unfortunately this is what I tend to do most the time)

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    John's absolutely right. Unfortunately, there's no magic number. We can't tell you that 400 words will do the trick, or that 800 words is way too long. Unless you're hiring a writer to do the work for you, you don't even have to pick a word length at the beginning (and even professional writers will give you a range to work with).
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    I have found its not to do with long or short, but your copy. Sorry there are lots of info in here already and the post in only a few replies long.

    Its your subject line, it must create curiosity. Then when they read your email copy again it must interest them and create curiosity again.

    But ultimatly it will come down to how well you write your copy, and the offer. Do these well and you will hit it out of the ball park.
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    In my opinion, I like to read, but not huge emails. You should have it around 100 words and get right to the point. Not much hype and make sure that it won't show up in everyone's spam folders.
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    I quality is way more important than quantity. Make them curious to what the product is. Just think about what you find the best when you get those kind of emails into your email. do you like em long or short or just right?

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    The subject line is important, it gets people to open the email. Once they open, make your point fast. Generate some curiosity, or promise some instant benefit if they click. Your goal is to get the click. Generally the shorter the better. The email is simply to alert them to the cool stuff if they click.
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    This always works for me.

    Short... to the point... and creating curiosity is a MUST with a strong call to action

    How do they do that ???

    I want to know... now!!!

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    yep. no magic number here.
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    one way find out is contact your solo ad provider and ask him or her what is the length of the messages they send to their list. this way you can judge if you need to make a long email or a short one.

    since most of the people already have there list train then if you mail a similar email to their list you can get a better response.

    hope that helps

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