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by JeffersonB 13 replies
What software do you use to create a web page?

I'm fairly good with html but just looking for some ideas.
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    I Use dreamweaver but there are also...

    NVU, xsitepro, and some others.
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      If you have the cash.. then drop for XSitePro..

      You'll be glad you did


      Bare Murkage.........

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        Surely DreamWeaver or Frontpage.
        Theres a lot you can do with them!

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        Dreamweaver,frontpage and xsitepro

        Xsitepro is the best in terms of seo but you require a new XSP template as the templates which come with it sucks
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          I use dreamweaver but to be honest, most softare should do the's not like "most" IM squeeze pages are all fancy/complex looking lol.
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            xsitepro looks pretty good!

            Do many of you use it?
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              I used Dreamweaver.. u can do anything with it!
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                One of my sites I used Incomedia Website Evolution X5 to create it. It's basic software that is simple to figure out, but at the same time I reckon it's great for IM sites because of the layouts. It uses flash though

                You can see my example site (that hasn't been completed in over a year) here:


                You can find the features here:

                WebSite X5 Evolution: Presentation

                *Please note I am not affiliated with this product...I use it for my own sites as demonstrated by my own site.
                "Find the problem and provide the solution."
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              Originally Posted by JeffersonB View Post

              xsitepro looks pretty good!

              Do many of you use it?
              Many of us here use XsitePro. It is great whether you have a lot of html experience or not. When it first came out, many of the people who already knew how to use html were hesitant to let anyone know they used it, instead, they thought they had to prove they already knew how to make web pages. As time passed, it became obvious that the software helps get the job done faster and easier.

              So now, people here with great experience in site building use XsitePro and have no qualms about admitting it. It is probably the best and most useful software for the Internet marketer. Get it if you can.


              Sales Page Builder:Make Your Own Professional Sales Pages
              Software For Collectors, Business:Check it Out

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    dreamweaver is pretty much the market standard for building web pages. You can try frontpage too.
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      I don't know but it's all on you knowledge with some tools you use, to build web page.

      I like the combination of Dreamveawer, NVU, TopStyle Lite( it's CSS editor ), but sometimes use Notepad++ too, and there is one more code editor
      Also for graphics prefer to use Photoshop.
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