Which Video Hosting Sites Does Google Love?

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Sovereign Lords and Ladies:

I am working with an outsource company and they have an option on their
menu of submitting a video to twenty different video hosting sites. Below
is my question to them and I thought I would ask the same question here
and see what your answers are since you can be more objective I believe.

Here is my question to them:

I have two more videos to submit to the twenty hosting sites. But if most of these video hosting sites are not search engine friendly then what is the point of me agonizing over finding twenty different keywords for each one? How necessary is this to find keywords that will raise the videos to the top of the search engines if Google does not do that for most of the hosting sites and only does that for youtube? Please tell me how important it is to find different keywords for the twenty hosting sites if they will not have any SEO value because the sites themselved are not given enough love by Google..... Please give me some helpful advice so I do not waste my time. Thanks.

Servant of Camelot, King Arthur
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    This is like submitting to 20 article directories, but only the top 4 will get you the most traffic. I would submit to Youtube and Metacafe only, and work on other strategies for your client to boost their sales.
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    You can get a video to rank for other sites, but obviously since Google owns YouTube they are going to favor that. Go to Google and do a search for a music video and than when it pops up the video results click 'see more videos.' Use that to see what other sites are ranking with Google. Backlink your videos just as you would with a website and you should see some results.
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