need this domain worth so much...i'm a newbie

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hay friends i'm newbie in i'm and have a domain name asking if it worth to sell????? and if yes how much it deserve???..
please need help from expertise
the comain name is:
thanks every body
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    Considering your page will never rank considering it's a frame and the fact it's a .info

    If you can sell it.. go for it
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    Yea dude .info is not appealing at all, if you tell someone check out my site or , most people don't even know .info exists unless they're in the game and you would lose lots of credibility.

    If you can sell it go for it!
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    yeah i think u should give a go at selling it to
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      .info doesn't not rank worst than other domains........ this has been explicitly stated many times even by google themselves. please STOP giving newbies wrong information...........

      if anything, it just looks uglier and wouldn't be as easy to brand.

      simple example. google "pr checker" ........ is rank #1 out of 11,000,000 results.

      please get your facts straight... i'm sick and tired of repeating myself
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    on a diff note:
    since everyone on WF is completely against .info just because it is .info.. i registered a bunch of .info in the last few days.. good/relevant content will rank any site. Google knows that and it also knows that its not 2000 where we had .com and .net all waiting for the grabs...
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    many thanks for every one try to help .....
    i will try to give the site good pr
    and after that i try to sell it .....
    thanks again for help

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    yeah... sell it for sure
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    You probably might...but for wouldn't sell that much dude...
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      Just because .info is cheap, its not fair to turn down all the .info domains. There are a lot of factors apart that decides the ranking of a particular domain. In my experience, .com domains just appear to be more authoritative but that's about it. If you are unable to rank for your keyword, go ahead and sell it.

      The value of .info domain is being wrongly manipulated by many noobs. In addition, a lot of spam sites and junk directories use .info domain which might also be a reason for this idea to have popped up in our minds.

      Good luck!

      Persistence, Persistence and Persistence.

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    Your strategy of giving it a good PR first is right before selling. At least you will be able to add more value. Good luck!
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