vs, which domain should I choose if I want to build a brandable website?

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I want to build one long term website, (not one of those quickly built niche websites), and I want to build a brand name.

I need to chose a website/business name and a domain name. (It's a website, but I look at my website as a business).

There's lot of articles about chosing a good domain name, and they suggest to chose a .com name, at least .net or .org name, with short and nice name, and no use of dashes etc. etc.

But almost all the good .com names and other TLD names (.net and .org) are already taken. So it's very hard to find a good TLD domain name.

I think as Internet becomes bigger and bigger, the other domains (like .ws, .info, .biz, .me, .tv etc.) will have almost the same status as the TLD domains. (just my estimates).

So instead of being so anoyed not finding a good TLD name, I think one should just go for another domain (like .info or .ws),

and after building your business, and you make money, you could acquire the TLD versions of your website name.

And you can then redirect it to your website, or you can change your domain name of your website and use redirect 301 to redirect your website to your new domain, or whatever.

I think it's better to just change the domain name of your website, like from .info to .com, than to change the name of your website.

I'm not a marketing or branding or internet expert, these are just my thoughts.

But I have some questions about chosing a brandable business name and a brandable domain name:

When the .org and .net is not available,

is it good to go for a, or should I choose, .org or .net (IF I want to build a brand)?

Is it bad to choose a for your website, if a website with exists already?

What suggestions do you have when choosing a brandable good name and domain name for your website/business?
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    Brandable domain names should be easy to remember and type into the browser bar.

    Think Yahoo, Google, Bing, FaceBook, Twitter, Digg, and Reddit.

    Avoid plural words in front of words beginning with "s". For example, "Sam's Shoes" will certainly be typed wrong by someone, causing many of your past customers to stop trying to find you.

    I won't do any domain name I hope to brand as anything but dot com. When typing sites into the browser bar, most people assume the dot com, which is the reason why we all know that for years had a porn site on it.

    Dot nets and dot orgs are fine, but only when most people will find them through a link.

    I have done both keyword domain name and brandable domain name. I prefer the latter, because if I want to change directions with the website later, I won't be tied down to a domain name that no longer works for me.
    Bill Platt, Oklahoma USA,
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    I'm sure if you think hard enough you can come up with a good .com I would never personally click on a .ws because so many have led me to scary sites with viruses.

    If you want this to be a real business, the .com is just as important as your "brand"
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    Bill has hit the nail on the head...when you talk branding keep in mind other "branded" names you might recognize....Apple, Amazon, Wikipedia, LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube..these simple names were made into recognizable online brands...and in the case of Apple, Amazon, Google, Yahoo these names don't even relate to the products behind the don't need to get too weird just creative.

    Choose a creative name to brand with the .com url and go to Fiverr to get people to develop a Wordpress theme, the logo and any other images for you to start. A little bit of cash and some creative energy should get you started on your way to the next large internet brand.

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    Can't think of a dot come name, neither could fiver, so they chose fiverr, didnt hurt them a bit did it.
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    You should definitely try and get the .com,.net or .org. Just spend some time trying to come up with a good name try to add words like secret, best, tips etc. to get the right name.

    It will make a difference in the long run
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      Nice blog. Well presented and full of useful tips. Question: More marketers than not are saying to avoid using our own name as part of our business website (if we ever intend to sell it some day). What are your thoughts on that?
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    I have two 6-letter domains that are not even words. Both are dot com sites, and both will be branded sites.

    One is expected to become pretty-near a household name in 2012.
    Bill Platt, Oklahoma USA,
    Publish Coloring Books for Profit (WSOTD 7-30-2015)
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    Yes I agree that .com is always better than other domain extensions.

    but it's VERY VERY HARD to find a good name as .com - Almost all versions of all the words in all languages are taken!

    So I think instead of chosing a, because is not available, I consider chosing a or, and if they are not available too, I consider choosing or

    I think brand building is a long term job, so a good name is more important than a good domain extension.

    Because you can build a big profitable website in a .ws extension, and later acquire .com .net and .org extensions.

    And because although today .WS, .INFO and .BIZ haven't so much status, I think in the near future they'll have almost the same status as .COM, .NET and .ORG extensions.

    These are just my thoughts, but what do you think? Do you agree?
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    .com is the most common used one. there is a site with a .net that i go to often but i always forget its .net not .com.... I would say .com is the best choice.
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    I bought one of my six-letter .com websites two weeks ago.

    I have bought several high-quality brandable .com and keyword-specific .com domains in the last 2 months.

    The opportunity is still there for people who possess dedication to a goal and some creativity.
    Bill Platt, Oklahoma USA,
    Publish Coloring Books for Profit (WSOTD 7-30-2015)
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    Originally Posted by AbdullahKaragoz View Post

    But almost all the good .com names and other TLD names (.net and .org) are already taken. So it's very hard to find a good TLD domain name.

    Nothing could be further from the truth!

    There are many, many great domain names that haven't been registered yet. You just don't know how to find them. It's really very simple and easy.

    What is your site about? The more specific you are, the better.

    I will find dozens of great (dot) com names for you.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    I wouldn't sweat the domain name at all. By the way, i would choose the "" domain. I'm old fashioned. I still believe that the marketing done determines whether or not you make money online. Try to make a brand for yourself... doesn't make sense. What would you do differently from a "niche site" vs a "brand name" site? The goal is money right? Get that paper, and be happy in life.
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    Always got for the dot com. That is the important domain name. Make it easy on our memory. Look at mine. Also, make it small in size. People are lazy as you will soon see. Best strategy is to create a catchy domain name. Well, afterward create your logos and icons. These must match the name. For example, you want bluebird, but is taken so you get or a sim name.
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