How to evaluate and price your work?

by 5ky
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Couple of colleagues of mine own a company that is about holding speed reading, mind map, nlp-based trainings, etc. They have a company fan page and a blog but we talked about some ideas to get even more customers through online channels.

I suggested we could create some viral content that could be delivered through a new fan page that won't be directly affiliated with their company. Something as teasing as possible for this niche. I thought about standard "Like - then consume".

I could also write engaging articles for their blog. My idea is to add some entertainment to already present education component of the pitch.

We agreed that I would create one 15 day or so project (fan page oriented or similar) and then we would make a final decision on our cooperation.

They asked me for the price of my service, if we decide to continue working together. We agreed it should be something effect-based, but I am confused what to say as I'm new in this kind of business. What is usually done in these kinds of situations?

We live in Europe and they charge 70e on average per training. But how can I know what number of people was driven to attend their training as a consequence of my efforts?

Thank you for your help!
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    I think that it would be pretty hard to track the sales you are responsible for but what about charging a set price for your 15 day effort? Just figure out what you think your time is worth and throw that quote up in the air.
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    Could they setup an affiliate program?
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    So I put an offer - Creating and managing a new fan page with viral potential for 15 days costs x? No matter whether it gets viral or not?

    JohnieT, I don't think they know how to setup an affiliate program. To be honest, neither do I.

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    If they have a wordpress based site they have options for several plugins to track the clicks to a link.

    You design the page, put up your link for the product, they click to download and it registers in the stats plugin

    In said ebook you place links for you to their various trainings. Each link is tracked as people click them, then if your friends can have their webmaster set up an edit for the ecommerce solution they have to accept cookies with a referral id they can see the stats of each link from the fan page, the ebook, and so on and correlate them to the sales in the ecommerce system with your name as the referral.

    It may seem complicated and a bit convoluted but I hope this helps none the less.

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    Is it the same for offline services as in this case (offline training) ?

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    They say their customers have to answer two questions during registration for the training on their site.

    First, how they came to the site. And second, how they found out about site.

    This sounds nice, but is this reliable source of information about how much I should get paid?

    I don't say they will trick me, but it seems a bit unprofessional. And setting an affiliate system is complicated for them at the moment.

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